Shipping Has Begun For Bigscreen Beyond Headset

Bigscreen Beyond, the lightest and most ultra-compact tethered PC VR headset, is now being shipped to the first pre-orderers from the US. Using Valve’s SteamVR tracking standard, every piece is specially designed for an individual. It is priced at $1000 and enables its users to sit for prolonged hours, not feeling any weight but being lost in the VR world. This all-new innovative headset has OLED microdisplays, which explains the compact size and lightweight nature.

Bigscreen beyond vr headset shopping

Beyond is now being shipped to buyers every day in the US. Bigscreen officials have confirmed that international shipping will begin in the middle of Q4.

“Since launching in February, demand has been stronger than expected, and we’ve got an overwhelming amount of headsets to build! We’ve spent the past few months ramping up production in order to ship tens of thousands of units in the coming months,” the officials said.

In late June, the US pre-orderers were sent a link to perform face scans.

As the company received the scans, they started with the production process, and now, after 6 long weeks, the orders are being shipped.

They are now hiring more engineers for their LA factory to meet the demands worldwide. Following this, they are expecting to reduce the shipping time to somewhere around 3–4 weeks in the future.

Additionally, Bigscreen is now open to accepting orders from 13 new countries, bringing the total tally to around 20. The new countries that were added to the list of already existing countries (USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) are Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, and Slovenia.

In early June, Bigscreen made some improvements to the headset’s lenses, working on the field of view, central angular resolution, and clarity, all while reducing issues like blurriness.

Following these enhancements and advancements and the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro, Bigscreen witnessed a surge in preorders.

Bigscreen has ambitions to pack and ship tens of thousands of personalized headsets in the upcoming months. Furthermore, they have exciting plans to launch an audio strap accessory, with more details to be unveiled later this month.

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