Apple Vision Pro is Now Shipping to China, Japan, Hongkong and Singapore

Apple, in an effort to expand its market to Asia, has launched the Vision Pro in China, Japan, and Singapore. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is also being seen as part of the China release. With this launch, Apple aims for a broadened reach for Vision Pro, placing it as a major player in the AR/VR segment.

Apple Vision Pro launch in China, Japan, Hongkong and Singapore

This launch in Asian countries is the first outside US operation since Vision Pro’s launch early this year. Priced at $3499 in the US, Vision Pro is now available for people in China, Japan, and Singapore. This provides them with a new way to play, connect, and work. Vision Pro provides AR/VR enthusiasts with a blend of digital content and the real world, with features that stand out.

Eye-tracking technology and intuitive hand gestures, along with a high-resolution display, make Apple Vision Pro a top option in these countries. Singapore is a tech hub, Japan has a tech-savvy population, and China, the emerging AR and VR market, is the best way for Apple to expand its footprints in Asia.

Vision Pro is supported by VisionOS 1.2 and supports local languages, making navigation more accessible for the Asian Belt. Features like spatial images, an improved Mac display, and new hand gestures can be enjoyed with VisionOS 1.2. There is a possibility of Apple introducing Vision OS 2 later this year.

The pricing for all these countries has been strategically set by Apple, taking into consideration the economic rate and growth. In China, the Vision Pro costs ¥30,000. For enthusiasts in Japan, Vision Pro is priced at ¥599,800, while in Singapore, it amounts to SGD 5,300.

Preorders for the Apple Vision Pro have already begun. There is a mix of reactions and emotions Apple has been receiving ever since the announcement. This global push from Apple shows its commitment to the tech space and is expected to add to the growth rates.

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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