Upcoming VR Headsets to Watch in 2024

Virtual Reality Technology has evolved dramatically through the years. The immersive experience has been like a whirlwind, with so many different gadgets released now and then. This whirlwind is going to expand further as we are on the verge of entering 2024.

A number of VR headsets are in line to be released in the next few months for all the enthusiasts out there. With new and improved features, these devices are poised to improve the immersive experience significantly. Get ready to lose yourself in the fictional realm. With an experience like never before, this rollercoaster of features and a peek into the future is going to leave you amazed.

Here are the most popular upcoming VR headsets set to be released in 2024.

Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple has been keeping mum about their Vision Pro, which is said to be one of the most complex projects Apple has worked on. Users can switch between VR and AR using a crown-like dial based on what they are viewing at the moment. Apart from that, Vision Pro is comprised of twoApplee silicon chips with a fair battery life. It has a multitude of features and superb functionality. A natural control with eye tracking and excellent command over tracking hand movements promises an experience like never before. Another add-on is the voice command compatibility in the device. It could be a more budget-friendly option, but you can expect its functionality to be above par since it’s Apple’s.


While there is no official announcement about the release of PICO 5, the market has been full of speculations for a couple of months. Whatever information is available as of now has come from The Roadmap. The leaked data suggests the launch of PICO 5 will take place in April 2024, along with PICO 5 Pro and 5 Pro Max. As for the design, you can expect pancake lenses, per-eye IPD adjustments and ringless controllers. PICO 5 will be lighter in weight than its earlier versions, with new and improved features. Motion tracking, colour pass-through camera, depth sensors, hand tracking, and a lot more await you.

Valve Deckard

Valve index came in four years ago, but Valve, in recent interviews, admitted to being working on some new and exciting project, which is codenamed “Deckard.” It is being speculated that it would be a standalone device. Thanks to Snapdragon, they are working on enabling users to connect the device to their PC wirelessly. It is expected to be a bit heavier than its competitors but firm on the inside, with an ability to load games with heavy optimisation. Only a few details are available about this project, and Valve may move its release to 2025. We can just wait to see what magic this will create when released.

Project Moohan

An association between two giants- Samsung and Google, is what we are going to witness here. With Samsung’s class and Google’s perfection, this headset is expected to woo its users. An android-run software, which Samsung wants to be similar to Vision Pro, is still a work in progress. While some reports suggest a tussle between the two giants, the device is said to have mixed reality experience. Google is working on Android XR software that will power Project Moohan, while Samsung is looking at the hardware and design. It is expected to provide an immersive experience along with seamless integration with other Android devices.

Final Words

The VR landscape is transforming and will drive you crazy as these headsets set their foot in the market. These headsets promise a complete change from an immersive experience to seamless integration to new and improved tech.

As we anticipate the release dates of these super gadgets, the air of excitement flows. The future of VR is brighter than we thought, and who knows that one day, we’ll be able to float in the air while we are all geared up with these VR devices.

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