The Top 6 VR Headsets for PC in 2023

It’s not surprising how Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being loved by almost everyone. It is the best way to travel into worlds and universes and still feel safe. However, with many VR headsets available in the market, you need a pro guide to select the best models you can use with your PC.

Here is a review of the top six (6) VR headsets for PC – going from the well-famous Meta Quest 3 to Valve Index, and other impressive models out there. Some of these headsets are quite expensive, but when you’re looking for the “best” in anything, you should be willing to step up your budget. Ready? Let’s go.

Top Six (6) Best VR Headset for PC

 While waiting for Apple to release its Vision Pro VR headset, which is poised to take the top spot in rankings, the models from HTC, Valve, and HP are really good choices, and they are offered at good prices. 

1. HP Reverb G2 ($550)

  • Superb visuals
  • Good cameras and sensors
  • Suitable for high-end, fast-paced gaming
  • Slightly expensive

Talking of VR headsets that seamlessly connect with computers and deliver stunning graphics, the HP Reverb G2 checks the boxes. HP Reverb G2 offers stunning realistic visuals, multiple connectivity options, and up to four (4) built-in cameras. Being made by HP, it doesn’t only connect with HP systems but also runs on any computer, literally.

With the Reverb G2, you’re getting a VR headset with sharp screens (2,160 by 2,160 pixels per eye) at a 90Hz refresh rate and a 114-degree field of view. The multiple sensors on this VR headset guarantee more accurate VR tracking for all activities, including fast-paced games. More so, this headset feels so comfortable to wear for a long time. 

But the Reverb G2’s motion controllers aren’t so perfect, you may want an upgrade. Inside the box of this VR headset lies the main unit, a 6m cable for PC connection, 2 motion controllers, a power adapter, and 1 DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort adapter.

2. Meta Quest 3 ($500)

  • Second-generation Snapdragon XR2 chip
  • High-res camera
  • LCD, 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye

Yeah, everyone’s talking about the Quest 3 headset released by Meta as an upgrade to the pre-existing Quest 2. This upgraded Quest 3 headset really checks a lot of boxes, but will cost you an additional $200 to the price of the Meta Quest 2. If you’ve used the Quest 2, there’s no much difference on the Quest 3, except for the addition of some new apps and a more compact design.

Well, you mustn’t connect the Meta Quest 3 to a PC before it works, but then, it can be paired with any gaming PC (if you wish). Talking of visuals and performance, the Quest 3 comes with an upgraded chipset: Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. It also offers a 4K+ Infinite Display and rich 3D audio with enhanced sound clarity. However, the battery life is a bit poor, you’re getting barely 2.5 hours.

3. HTC VIVE PRO 2 ($574.00)

  • 5K resolution. Highest resolution you can find
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Wide 120˚ field of view 
  • Compatible with SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0

The HTC Vive Pro 2 is obviously a worthy mention when talking about the best VR headsets for PC. This is a VR headset for both professionals and enthusiasts, offering 2,448 by 2,448 pixels per eye – literally the best visuals you will see out there. Of course, this VR has its own software (from Viveport) and works with SteamVR. 

You can use the Vive Pro with Valve Index controllers because the stock controllers are so cool. The Vive Pro 2 comes with a field of view 120 degrees, a 120Hz refresh rate, and conceals an Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 1500+ as the processor. All these for a $750+ price tag – pricey? Yeah, but this is literally the number one PC VR headset in terms of resolution and smoothness.

4. Valve Index VR ($1,700+)

  • Quad-core processor+
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070+
  • 130-degree field of view
  • 120Hz
  • Accurate finger-tracking controllers

If you’ve got a high budget, you can actually go for this PC VR headset, which happens to come with the best controls you’ll find in the market. The Valve Index VR headset is known for its flawless controls. But that aside, it is actually a high-end unit, which means it comes with a plethora of premium features and technologies for any virtual reality activity. 

Of course, this headset offers a crisp, smooth display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 130-degree field of view. It can connect to SteamVR so you can access a wealth of VR games. VR games are much better played with Valve Index, thanks to its accurate finger-tracking controllers. The Quad-core processor+ and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070+ chipset combine pretty well for smooth gaming. 

5. Oculus Rift S ($609)

  • Oculus Touch controllers
  • Requires Facebook account to log in
  • Powerful chipset and RAM
  • Impressive smooth display

The Oculus Rift S is one of the ideal VR headsets you can connect to virtually any computer system and use. It is compact, flexible, and offers a vast library of games you can explore. Oculus Rift S features next-generation lenses that give you immersive HD display – vivid colors and a reduced “screen-door” effect. More interestingly, the accessories stay fit, thanks to the ergonomic design.

Compatible with SteamVR? Yes, it is. The Oculus Rift S controllers can track your touches near-perfectly. One of the good things about this headset is the fact that it is easy to set up and use. It supports Windows 10 OS and comes with Intel i3-6100/AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or higher. Paired to this processor is 8GB of RAM NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card.

6. DPVR E4 ($499)

  • DisplayPort 1.4, USB 2.3
  • 3664*1920 HD display 
  • Inter Core i5, i7 equivalent or greater
  • Nvidia GeFore GTX1060

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you won’t get a good VR headset that will connect to your PC and function seamlessly. The DPVR E4 is a smart-looking, decent virtual reality headset that sells below $500 and still delivers good performance. It is an ideal alternative to Meta’s Quest 3 and a good upgrade from Quest 2.

You’re getting a 120Hz refresh rate, wide FOV, low latency, and four (4) cameras – offering up to 240° ultra-wide-angle coverage. It doesn’t stop there, the DPVR E4 comes with six (6) DoF tracking systems for higher accuracy and stability while playing any game. More so, this headset can connect to SteamVR and grant you access to 7,000+ VR games.

What More?

These are the top six (6) best VR headsets you can use with your PC. They are, of course, reliable, top-quality, and integrate with SteamVR. When shopping for your next PC VR headset, consider these ones first, before looking at the other alternatives available. 

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