Privacy Policy

Welcome to XR Headlines. Your Privacy is our priority, and we keep the process transparent.

Read the Privacy policy to understand how we collect, use and protect your data and

1. How do we collect your information?

● We may collect your personal information like name, number, and geographical
location when you willingly log in to our website, subscribe to other services like
newsletters, or interact with the site in any way.

● We gather your usage data based on how you interact with our website. This
includes your IP address, the type of device, your location and the pages you visit to
understand your preferences and improve our content according to your interests.
This is solely done to understand our audiences and provide a better experience.

2. How do we use the collected data?

We use this information to communicate with you, including responding to comments,
queries, suggestions and providing updates. We use the usage data to understand your
needs and provide better content based on your preferences to improve your experience
and maintain the website.

3. Third-Party Tools

We may use third-party tools to track your data and usage patterns to improve the
experience. However, these third-party tools may have policy frameworks of their own that
govern how they use your data.

4. Data Security

We keep your data secure and protect your personal information from unauthorised access,
alteration or destruction.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this framework of Privacy policies as and when
needed to update our activities. Please keep checking our Privacy policy for any updates or
changes that may affect how you interact with our site.