Ghosts of Tabor VR Reaches the $10M Mark, Days Before its Arrival on Quest Store

The VR Extraction shooter Ghosts of Tabor, currently in its early access, will be released on the Quest store in February. Before its launch, it managed to garner a whopping $10M during its time on Steam early access and Quest app lab.

Combat Waffle Studios and Beyond Frames Entertainment recently spoke about Ghosts of Tabor’s arrival at the main Quest store. People will be able to get it from February 8 onwards and will be able to purchase the full title for $25 approximately. It will still be available on Steam and Quest app lab for the time being.

The Studios further added that they will be releasing it for PSVR2 and Pico headsets later this year. Talking about the numbers, they informed that the combined sales from Quest app lab and Steam early access have totaled up to $10M, engaging more than half a million unique players. It is quite a leap compared to how Ghost of Tabor performed in the first few months of its release.


Scott Albright, founder and CEO of Combat Waffle Studios, commented, “We started Combat Waffle with nine people, new to the VR development scene, and with a dream – to bring our love of extraction shooters to VR.” He added, “It’s hard to believe that only 22 months after launching our studio, we’ve amassed such a massive and dedicated community. In the last month alone we saw more than 120,000 players on active duty. It just goes to show that if you want to play something that doesn’t exist yet, chances are that other people do too – so you should go out and make it yourself!”

Ghosts of Tabor is an extraction-based VR FPS PVP and PVE survival game with a variety of features ranging from looting to scavenging and crafting. This game requires its players to use their wise and wits to survive, always keeping a watch for who might pop up from the next corner. Other than that, it employs realism at its best, with a variety of true-to-life weaponry, which is to be refilled, and reloaded; much like it is done in reality.

Ghosts of Tabor VR allows for a multiplayer experience allowing a squad of up to 3 members. While the release of the updated version is just around the corner, we are excited to see how it turns out and if it exceeds the makers’ expectations or not. Those who purchased it already from Stream Early Access or Quest app lab will get the update for free and will own it on the Quest store automatically. These are some real early-bird perks!

Ghosts of Tabor currently has a 4.4/5 rating with mostly all reviews being positive. However, the industry will be looking forward to seeing if it rises and stays on the throne or not.

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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