Stranger Things VR launches on Quest in February

After Tender Claws announced a delay in the release of Stranger Things VR on Meta’s Quest, fans were left disappointed. But according to a recent tweet from the studios, the wait is finally over, as Stranger Things VR is officially releasing on February 22. It will be available on Meta’s Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro.

The game offers a one of its kind perspective, letting players get into the shoes of Vecna to experience everything from the very beginning. As the main antagonist Vecna, players can delve deep into the story and plan to take revenge on Eleven and Hawkins using his special powers.

With Meta Quest’s super MR and VR strengths, players can experience telekinesis and portal-shifting powers, thrashing people here and there like never before.

Stranger Things VR is a psychological thriller, much like the show. However, the game has a stellar difference as compared to the show. The story from the perspective of Vecna is a fresh take on what all happened with Henry Creel and how he transformed into Vecna. While the show’s fans want Vecna to die and Eleven and Hawkins to win, the players will have different opponents as Vecna tells his story of loneliness, hate, love and power.

With the power of Mixed Reality and portals to the upside down opening up in the physical environments of the players, this game promises much beyond just entertainment.

Stranger Things VR is now available for pre-order at $29.99 with a 10% additional discount. Although it is available only for Quest as of now, it might come to other big headsets in the near future. No dates or official confirmations are present as of now, but the industry and fans are hoping for it to happen.

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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