Is the JioDive VR Headset Right for You? Pros, Cons, and What to Know

JioDive VR is a long-lasting investment for cricket enthusiasts. As long as the game continues to be played, you can enjoy a unique viewing experience for years to come.

However, the VR headset doesn’t stream only one content; the JioDrive VR device supports YouTube streaming and access to multiple streaming services. All apps supported on the JioDrive device let you watch your favorite content in 360-degree views with full immersion.

JioDive VR Headset

For Indians, this headset offers the largest 360-degree content library, and it doesn’t require a computer for you to set it up; instead, the headset connects with your mobile smartphone.

The price is relatively affordable and commensurate with the features and applications offered by the headset. If you’re contemplating getting this headset in 2024, you should read this article.

JioDive VR Overview

The JioDive VR headset is a one-of-a-kind VR headset built specifically for Indians. It is a smartphone-based VR headset that requires pairing with the smartphone app, which you must install on your device. To use the JioDive headset, you also need to purchase a Jio number and subscribe to a package.

JioDive VR Headset

With the JioDive headset, you get access to lots of live streaming services, but most especially cricket streaming services. The headset offers a 100-inch virtual screen for you to watch movies and stream live events in 360o views. Unlike regular standalone VR headsets, the JioDive headset does not really support hardcore VR gaming; instead, it allows the owners to explore exclusive content available on the JioImmerse app, including YouTube 360 videos.

Furthermore, the JioDive headset isn’t only for entertainment; you can access OTT platforms and surf the web using a private browser. It’s quite a handy device for someone looking to get started with VR headsets. The headset has side and center wheels for adjusting the focusing levels up to a certain level according to the wearer’s eye power.


  • Headband: Adjustable
  • Neckband: Adjustable
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions: 195 x 130 x 90 mm
  • Net Weight: 325g
  • Field of View: 90°
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android smartphones
  • Sensors: Uses the smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.
  • Compatible OS Versions: Android 9 or later, and iOS 15 or later
  • Focus Level: An interactive click-button
  • Diopter Adjustment Wheel: Yes

Is JioDive VR still worth it in 2024?

Looking at the Meta Quest VR headsets that are sold below $400, one may argue that buying a $26 smartphone-based VR headset is a good decision.

Well, before drawing a conclusion on whether the JioDive headset is still a worthy buy in times like this, it is important to highlight the usability and offerings of the headset.

First off, the JioDive headset is very comfortable to wear, and it has intuitive controls to adjust the focus and strap. Also, there’s a click button that lets you interact with your connected smartphone without taking off the headset. Moreover, the aesthetics of the JioDive headset are interesting; the black and blue color blend is well-patterned.

The JioDive headset is the perfect gear for people who wear glasses often; it feels as comfortable as those glasses. But the main thing here is that the JioDive works with smartphones that meet specific requirements. For example, you need a smartphone with a screen size between 4.7 and 6.7- inches to use the headset. So, if your smartphone has a larger screen, you obviously can’t use this headset. You control the headset from the smartphone app, and your smartphone must be running Android 9 or later versions; if you use iOS, your device must be running iOS 15 or later.

Again, if you live outside India, you can’t utilize this headset to its full potential. It is a device meant for Indians or foreigners who live or work in India.

Nevertheless, with the JioDive VR headset, you can enjoy YouTube videos in 360-degree view; every piece of content streamable via the headset is available in 360-degree view, and that’s one of the most important benefits of the headset.

Aside from streaming only content, the headset supports VR gaming, but only a few titles are supported; it doesn’t have a massive game library where you can find blockbuster game titles. But gaming with the JioDive headset is fun and immersive; it lets you enjoy smooth, responsive gameplay.

Why JioDive May Not Be the Best Choice in 2024

The JioDive VR headset requires you to put your smartphone into the headset and launch the JioImmersive app to access its content. It does not offer standard VR headset features found on popular alternatives such as the Meta Quest 2 and 3 and other standalone VR headsets.

Only Indian content is available to stream on the JioImmerssive app, and you need a Jio number. If your smartphone is not compatible, you will need to buy a new smartphone so you can use the JioDive headset.

There are many limitations to the JioDive VR heads; even though the price is extremely cheap, the features won’t make any sense to an enthusiast VR fan seeking to enjoy a more diversified VR experience with mixed-reality features.

Also, if you’re a hardcore VR gamer, you won’t find most of your favorite games in the JioImmersive library, so you’d be pissed off. But then, the JioDive headset is quite a good one, especially if you’re a cricket lover and you live in India.

Why JioDive Could Still Be Worth Buying in 2024

The JioDive headset sells for just Rs. 2,499, but you will find good offers below Rs. 1,400 in most stores. These prices are below USD$30.00, so it’s very affordable and a forgivable spend (if you end up not liking the offerings). If you’re a cricket fan or player, this headset would be an invaluable asset, as it delivers immersive cricket games and updates.


Whether or not to buy the JioDive VR headset in 2024 is dependent on your preferences and budget for a VR device. Apparently, the headset is super-affordable and intuitive, but it lacks the core VR features and tech that make standard VR headsets a pleasure to own.

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