8 Essential Meta Quest 3 Games You Can’t Miss

Meta’s Quest 3 headset is inarguably one of the best mixed-reality gadgets out there, and there are lots of interesting games you could play with it. This $500 VR headset runs on Android – comes with up to 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, and a Qualcomm chipset.

An interesting fact about the Meta Quest 3 is that you don’t necessarily need to connect it to a PC before you can use it for playing your favorite VR games. This mixed-reality headset is pretty much lightweight and easy to set up – a decent upgrade from the Meta Quest 2 headset.

Apparently, there are so many games you could play with this headset, but here are some handpicked titles you should check out first.

Top 8 Best Meta Quest 3 Games to Check Out First

 1. Population: ONE

Population ONE meta quest 3 vr game

  • Publisher: BigBox VR
  • Price: Free to play with in-game purchases

Released in 2020, Population: One is currently one of the best free-to-play VR games available for Quest 3. It is an online virtual reality first-person shooter, battle royale game with multiple features and gameplay modes: Sandbox: UGC Games, Team Deathmatch, War mode, Metro Arena, Legions mode, and more.

Population: ONE will have you glide on glasses like Batman, climb walls and houses like Spiderman, and shoot like you’re playing Fortnite. There’s no end to the gameplay, so you should gear up to play for as long as you can hold up. Of course, there are different items and weapons to pick up while playing.

2. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 vr meta quest 3 game

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Price: $39.99

Want to deal with zombies in your own way? Well, here’s your chance. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games to play across devices and gaming consoles, now, you can also play it in a mixed-reality environment using your Meta Quest 3. But, this VR version isn’t a remake of the 2023 release, it is a re-tooled version of the 2005 original release. Talk about excellent gameplay, you’ve got it here! Age verification is required to play this game.

3. Dungeons of Eternity

Dungeons of Eternity vr meta quest 3 game

  • Publisher: Othergate
  • Price: $29.99

Here’s a Meta Quest 3 game that takes you through an endless journey where you have to take down monsters in different dungeons. Quite a new game (released in October 2023), but it’s already in the library of many VR game players – having over 1,300 positive reviews. Dungeons of Eternity features randomized room layouts; all you’ve got to do is kill and loot.

To make the gameplay much more interesting, you get to pick up magic-based weapons and trigger unimaginable fracas. It’s all traps and puzzles for this game, you have to be pretty much clever to hold up for a long time. Available game modes are Single User, Multiplayer, and Co-op, with different player modes too.

4. Assassin’s Creed Nexus

Assassin Creed Nexus meta quest 3 game in vr

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Price: $39.99

A Meta Quest exclusive VR game that makes you reminisce the old times when we all played Assassin’s Creed on Java phones. Of course, Assassin’s Creed Nexus is built differently, but the plot and scenes are practically not different. This mixed-reality action-adventure game is the first of its kind released for Virtual Reality gameplay.

The game takes you through 16 missions and lets you unlock new memories of legendary assassins as you play. Well, the combat scenes aren’t as exhilarating as you may have thought, but you’ll still find it interesting if you were a die-hard fan of the series from the days of Java and Symbian phones.

5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice

Vampire The Masquerade Justice VR Meta Quest 3 Game

  • Publisher: Fast Travel Games
  • Price: $29.99

You’re looking at a 10 – 15 hour action-filled VR game where you can pick up different roles and play the characters. This role-playing action game is one of the best on Meta Quest 3, thanks to its in-depth graphics and interesting characters which, of course, have unique specialties to help you navigate the gameplay.

Just like Blade, you have to become a vampire in this game and haunt in darkness. You have to drink the blood of your prey. The arsenal is upgradeable, so you can get more advanced tools to bypass your prey unnoticed. Overall, Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice is fun to play and entertaining.

6. Arkio

Arkio Meta Quest 3 VR Game

  • Publisher: Arkio
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases

Okay, enough of the fighting and shootings, how about building your dream house or designing a whole new interior of your home? Arkio is a 3D modeling VR game that lest you build virtual spaces and buildings and design them as you wish. You can also collaborate with other players on desktop, mobile, or other VR headsets.

In the Arkio game, anything and everything is possible, you can add any furniture to your living room, sketch extensions on your home, or carve out new windows/doors. This game is not meant for only architects or builders, literally, anyone can enjoy the gameplay. More so, you can upload and import objects and images from Arkio Cloud, Unity, and other supported services.

7. After the Fall

After The Fall Meta Quest 3 VR Game

  • Publisher: Vertigo Games
  • Price: $29.99

For an extreme violence game, After the Fall is a hell of a game any addict VR gamer would love. You can play as a Single Player or collaborate with three other players to play the 4-player co-op mode. The fight environments are top-notch and well-detailed. You have to look into the maps to find your way – you must be creative to win. Apparently, there are dozens of weapons with real-life movements.

8. Golf+

Golfplus meta quest 3 game in vr

  • Publisher: GolfScope Inc.
  • Price: $29.99

Pretty much a relaxation game that lets you interact with virtual Golf-playing apparatus from a real-life environment. This is the best VR Golf game available on the Meta Quest Store. Play in notable golf arenas such as Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, The Old Course at St Andrews, and others. This game also includes tournament mode where you can compete with other players like you.

What More?

These are the top interesting games to check out if you’ve got the Meta Quest 3 headset. All of these games are available on the Meta Quest Store; you can start with the free ones and then launch deeper with the paid titles.

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