Control Lara Croft in VR with BeefRaider XR Mod for Quest 3

Attention, fans of Tomb Raider! BeefRaider XR Mod is here for you with an exciting adventure like never before. The fans and owners of the original Tomb Raider from 1996 can now enjoy Lara Croft’s debut in a unique mixed reality arena.

Yes, you heard it right! Quest 3 owners can now immerse themselves in the mixed reality world, where Lara Croft is transformed into a 1/24th fully controllable miniature character. This BeefRaider XR mod is clever and unique in its ability to turn the classic 1996 Tomb Raider into an Mixed Reality game. Bringing in nostalgia from far-lost times, this mod enables players to look at this miniaturized world where Croft is navigating through intricate environments.

Lara Croft in VR Beefraider XR

Well, this is the part where we tell you that there is more. These miniaturized settings are not to be misunderstood, as there is a lot more about this fresh version of the classic. Players can navigate the environments, solve puzzles, explore the world, and fight enemies alongside each other, just like in the original. There is no change, but a lot of change! The unique capabilities of the Quest 3 headsets allow players to take a taste of both the surroundings around them and the virtual world they are in at the moment.

It is a remarkable take on the mixed-reality world. This project around Tomb Raider is the brainchild of Team Beef. Team Beef is a modding group that is solely dedicated to giving the ultimate classic a new look and feel by enabling players to experience their favorites in the VR world. Dr. Beef, aka Simon Brown, explains how the work on Tomb Raider is just a demo of what the team is capable of bringing to the table. He suggests that they are planning to apply this technology to other retro titles as well.

This development is something that has excited both retro lovers and VR enthusiasts equally. With rumors going around about the release of an affordable headset from Meta called Quest 3S, this innovative project is more likely to see a surge in sales.

Team Beef is joining open communities in an effort to bring the beloved games back and stronger in VR. Let’s wait and see where this trend goes and how many gamers across the globe actually enjoy it.

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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