Did Meta Just Accidentally Reveal the Quest 3S?

Something happened at the Meta store a few days ago. It is no secret that rumors about the launch of a more affordable replacement for the Meta Quest 2 and a new addition to the Quest line of headsets have been going around. Meta “accidentally” just might have confirmed it.

A few days ago, the name “Quest 3S,”  the expected addition to the Quest headsets, was reflected on Alo Moves, the mixed reality yoga page. This accidental upload or reflection of the name Quest 3S has once again sparked rumors that this might be the official name of the new addition to the Quest family.

Quest 3 comes at a hefty price tag. While many can’t afford Quest 3, Quest 3S is supposed to be an affordable and cheaper version, all set to replace Quest 2. While there is a possibility that the upload of this name might be a mistake or just any other error, But we still rate the possibility of this being an official new device higher. Please note that there has been no official announcement from Meta.

Talking about the tentative design of the Quest 3S, it should be something similar to how Quest 2 looked (since it’s a supposed replacement), and at heart, it should have what Quest 3 holds. It is believed that Quest 3S could employ the powerful Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipsets just like Quest 3. If this happens, we can safely say that all Quest 3 games will successfully run on Quest 3S, and vice versa.

Meta Quest 3S

Here’s an additional fact: a few months ago, some images surfaced on the internet. These were believed to be from Quest 3S, according to which the device has no passthrough cameras. But the recent leak completely contradicts the previous claims.

Only time will tell what Meta brings with Quest 3S.

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