Batman: Arkham Shadow Announced for Meta Quest 3

Meta has officially said “Wait no more” as they released the teaser for an official Batman game on VR.

Made specifically for Quest 3, the fans are going to get a Batman game in VR later this year.

Made in partnership with Warner Bros. by Meta’s Camouflaj and Oculus Studios, Batman: Arkham Shadow promises to give its players a deep dive into the nitty-gritty world of the dark knight.

Batman: Arkham Shadow will put you right into the batsuit while you set out on an exciting adventure. Here is what the trailer tells us and what we infer from it:

The teaser/trailer (what should we call it?) shows Batman on top of a gargoyle, appearing to survey the streets overrun by rats.

What does it point to? Well, our best bet is that it points to a showdown with Ratcatcher, who appeared briefly in Batman: Arkham City (2011). So, we have our villain and a problem. What next?

In the teaser, you can also see a nametag flashing with the name “Dr. Harleen Quinzel” written on it. This points to the appearance of the fan-favorite Harley Quinn.

While the story and the plot remain a mystery, we know from the atmosphere that it’s going to be a blast! Especially after what Camouflaj Studios did with Iron Man VR, the expectations are sky-high for Batman: Arkham Shadow.

The game’s exclusivity to Quest 3 points to what Meta might be thinking about the future of Meta’s VR gaming journey. Skipping the early models for this one, along with Alien: Rogue Incursion, definitely gives a glimpse into Meta’s strategy.

While more details will be out by Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest in June, fans can
spend their time wondering if the game will propose a tie-up with the Arkhamverse video
game series.

How will Quest 3 captivate the players? Will additional features be added to the game? Will it be shown in combat or the interactions? Stay tuned to find out!

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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