EA Sports WRC Update Brings New Season and VR Mode

It’s good news for relay racing fans! After months and months of anticipation and speculation, Codemasters has officially decided in favor of the release of VR support for the PC version of EA Sports WRC. This update, along with the content for Season 4, was released on April 9th, 2024, and is now live.

With a promise to immerse and engage players in the world of rally racing like never before, this game promises some real thrills. Before the release announcement, Codemasters had said that the VR mode would employ OpenXR technology. This was to make sure that it was compatible with a wide range of VR headsets to cater to a huge audience base. This development has led people to express their joy and excitement as they get to experience the thrill of the driving seat. It is not hidden that people have a PlayStation version as well, but it looks like the developers are focusing on the PC version for now.

This VR update has added a significant layer of immersion to EA Sports WRC. This has enabled the players to feel each and every part of the game strongly. They can now feel the G-forces as they travel through the nooks and treacherous corners, with dirt spraying itself all over the windshield. With a flavor of realism and a feeling of heroism, players believe this update is what they have been waiting for.

Since it’s only been a few days, nothing can be said about the reviews. But one thing is for sure: the EA Sports WRC experience just got better!

Bob Dilon
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