Meta Quest Gets High-Resolution Netflix Access Through Browser Update

“We’re also excited to announce that Netflix is starting to roll out to a browser in-headset near you!” Meta Reality Labs.

The Meta Quest headset does come with a Netflix app, but it’s outdated, and as such, it keeps you stuck watching 420p only. Worse still, Netflix isn’t planning on updating its app for the Meta Quest headsets. In order to solve this, Meta Reality Labs announced in a new press release that it is rolling out in-browser Netflix access to its Quest VR headsets.

This would mean so much for quite a handful of Meta Quest owners, who love streaming Netflix’s cult classics and other “stuff.” Through the browser, Meta Quest users would be able to stream Netflix in much better resolutions than 480p. As mentioned in the press release, the in-browser Netflix would roll out in the “coming days,” so if you haven’t gotten it yet, wait.

Quest VR Headset Users Would Soon Be Able To Access Netflix in HD Quality from the Web Browser

In a recent press release by Meta’s Reality Labs, it was evident the team is working to fix the Netflix access issue faced by Meta Quest users. To this end, the team is gradually rolling out an update to the built-in browser available on Meta Quest headsets. With this update, Quest users can access Netflix in higher resolutions via the browser.

So, for Quest users who need to stream stuff from Netflix in “Good Quality,” they’ll have to log in to Netflix via their Quest’s Browser app. Netflix will appear on a flat 2D screen or a curved view display, whichever one the user prefers; the latter view gives the feeling of streaming Netflix in a theater.

There’s no need to sideload the Netflix Android app on your Quest VR headset anymore; just wait for the OTA update to get to your device.

Well, not only does Meta Quest not have native Netflix app support up until now; the Apple Vision Pro similarly doesn’t offer a dedicated Netflix app; instead, users access Netflix via the Safari browser, which is what Meta is trying to do now.

In addition, Meta is also rolling out support for background audio to allow users to continue listening to music even after minimizing the app the sound is playing from. Pretty much all updates are coming to Meta Quest headsets, as shared here.

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