Charge, Pair, Play – The Essential Meta Quest 2 Controllers Handbook You Cant Miss

Got a Meta Quest 2 headset? You may love to know that the controllers can last up to 30 hours before you may need to replace the batteries. Yes, the AA batteries on Meta Quest 2 controllers are not rechargeable, you just have to replace them when they’re out of power.

But then, the Meta Quest 2 controllers are ergonomic, efficient, and easy to set up. There are seven (7) buttons in total available on the duo, each serving a unique purpose, and here’s a detailed handbook on how to set up and use them.


The Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 touch controllers are compatible with all VR headsets from Meta (under its Oculus brand). The controllers are aesthetically appealing and designed to provide great comfort. Setting up Quest 2 controllers simply means pairing them to your headset, which could be the Meta Quest 2 or Quest 3 headset.

Meta Quest 2 Controllers: All You Should Know

Out of the box, the controllers are not rechargeable; this means the batteries included are not rechargeable – you’re getting a pair of AA batteries for the two controllers. These default AA batteries included in the box are not rechargeable; if they die off, you should buy a new pair and replace them.

However, you can change to using rechargeable batteries of the same size and power capacity. So, when the battery runs down, you can remove them and recharge. The Quest 2 controllers are no different from what a typical VR controller looks like, however, they have quite smoother edges and feel so comfy to wear on for a long time.

The controllers feature separate grip and trigger buttons, a joystick, and three face buttons (A & B or X & Y). Meta Quest 2 controllers can be used for any type of VR gaming. You don’t need to go through a process to pair the controllers with your Quest 2 headset; they come together, so they are paired automatically.

Meta Quest 2 Controllers

Meta Quest 2 Controller Buttons Explained:

  1. Joysticks (on both controllers)

2. X/Y Buttons (Left Controller)

3. A/B Buttons (Right Controller)

4. Menu Button (Left Controller)

5. Oculus Button (Right Controller)

6. Tigger Buttons (on both Controllers)

7. Grip Buttons (on both Controllers)

  • The A and X buttons are used for selecting or picking up items. In some VR games, these buttons may have special functions.
  • B and Y buttons will take you to the “Previous” screen when you press either of them. They may also have special functions in some VR games.
  • When you press and hold down the Oculus button, it resets the controller orientation, but if pressed once, it takes you back to the Oculus home page or displays in-game shortcuts.
  • The trigger button is for selecting objects or items (the same as A and X buttons)
  • The “Grip” buttons as the name implies are for grabbing or making a fist in a game.
  • The menu button pops up specific “Menus” depending on the game you’re playing.

Note: Any button will wake the controller(s) when pressed.

How to Use Meta Quest 2 Controllers

These controllers work just like every other controller out there. You have to pair them to your VR headset and get started. Basically, how to use the buttons on these controllers may differ by game, but generally, holding down the front trigger button and Oculus button at the same time will make a screenshot.

Common Gestures:

  • Make a fist: Grab the front and side triggers and keep your thumb flat on the top sensor.
  • Thumbs Up: Release your thumb from the top sensor while still grabbing the side and front triggers.
  • Point at Something: Put your thumb back on the sensor and release only the front trigger.
  • Make an “Okay” Signal: Hold down the front trigger and keep your thumb on the top of the controller (not placed on the sensor this time).

Note: If you notice the controllers’ joysticks are not accurate, you can re-calibrate them via the Universal Menu è Settings è Experimental Features è Recalibrate Thumbsticks. As an “experimental feature,” this may still not recalibrate the joystick perfectly.

Pairing Meta Quest 2 Controllers

If you just got the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, it comes with a pair of controllers out of the box, these controllers don’t need a pairing process to connect to the headset. However, if you got a replacement, you need to pair. The pairing procedure is as follows:

  • Charge the VR headset and ensure you inserted the controllers’ batteries to power them on.
  • Download and install the Meta Quest app on your smartphone, launch the app, sign in using Facebook, and go to “Menu.”
  • On the menu page, go to “Devices” and then “Controllers.”
  • Tap on “Pair New Controller,”
  • Once you find the new controller(s), tap on the name to pair

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your controllers are not showing in the scan results when you select “Pair New Controller,” check if the controllers are actually powered on. You may want to turn off the controller and turn it back on if it was powered on and not showing.
  • The VR headset and your mobile device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To reset your Quest 2 controllers, launch the app and follow this procedure: Menu è Devices è Headset Settings è Controllers è Unpair. After you have unpaired them, go ahead and pair them again.

Charging and Maintenance

The Meta Quest 2 controllers are not rechargeable by default. They come with non-rechargeable AA batteries, so, when the controller runs down on power, you just have to change the batteries. On average, the batteries can last up to 30 hours or even more.

If you need to clean the controllers, make use of a dry cloth or non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes. Better still, you could purchase controller covers (they are sold for around $30 – $50), they will keep your controller from getting dirty, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them,

Note: Never use an abrasive cleaning solution or alcohol to clean your controllers. Remove the batteries before cleaning them, and put them back the batteries after about 20 minutes or more.

Games to play With Meta Quest 2 Controllers

  1. Cook Out: A really fun game where you can cook any meal you wish using many available ingredients.
  2. Red Matter: For sci-fi lovers, Red Matter is an interesting game where you have to act like an agent and crash into obstacles.
  3. Myst: Take on mysterious adventures through Myst Island and deploy strategic moves to complete the levels.
  4. The Room VR: A Dark Matter: Well, might be a bit scary for some, but this is one of the best thrilling games to play with Meta Quest 2 controllers.

What More?

This article has covered everything you should know about the Meta Quest 2 controllers. They are good and long-lasting and respond swiftly to your hand movements. Had a good/bad experience using these controllers? Let’s hear it.

The Meta Quest 2 controllers stand out due to their battery life and aesthetics. Get yourself a grip controller cover to prevent dirt and reduce impact if the controller happens to fall off.

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