Sony Pauses PSVR2 Production Amidst Sales Concerns

In a move that has stunned the VR gaming industry, Sony has paused the production of the PSVR2 amidst the rising pile in the inventory. This decision came weeks after its launch in February 2024.

sony psvr2 sales suspended

According to the officials and other sources, the sales figures have been disappointing, and the pile in the inventory is just going up. The many unsold units are why they have temporarily halted production.

This next-generation virtual reality headset was promoted heavily for its new and advanced features, including eye tracking, high-fidelity display, and haptic feedback, all for more intuitive and immersive gameplay.

The original PSVR, launched in 2016, dominated the entire market until now. The consumers were equally excited about the sequel as well. However, there may be several factors in the market situation that dampen this excitement.

PSVR2 falls under a high price range, and during these times of inflation, it may have encouraged gamers to move towards more economical options. Also, the launch of PSVR2 came with limited titles available to play. However, Sony had plans to bring in more options and variety in the gameplay later.

Another reason might be the fact that it needs a Play Station 5, whereas its main competitor, Meta Quest 2, allows standalone gameplay and can be played on a computer as well. The supply chain issues with PS5 served as a hurdle to gamers not having access to PSVR2.

This move has received a mixed reaction from gaming enthusiasts on Reddit. Some believe this is worth worrying about, as it may result in Sony’s downfall in the VR gaming industry. The other users believe it is a perfect purchase opportunity, as this pause might lead to price reductions or sales promotions and offers.

The next few weeks will be crucial for Sony and the VR industry. Let’s see how this goes for Sony.

Bob Dilon
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