Meta Rejected Google Partnership to Bring Android XR to Quest

In a recent move that has sent ripples down the XR industry, Meta rejected a partnership proposal with Google. The partnership was reportedly going to bring in Android XR, a version optimized for XR devices, to Quest platforms. This rejection has come in as a result of “Google’s restrictive policies,” as stated by Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth.

Meta Google Partnership

This News was first published by The Information last week, sparking discussions and speculations on the competitive landscape and future of the XR industry. The report elaborated on the arrangement. Back in 2023, Google had reached out to Meta with a partnership proposal, reflecting on the possibility of Android XR’s integration into the Quest ecosystem. The partnership, had it been successful, would have made it possible for Quest users to access the Android library along with the vast Quest library.

Recent reports have confirmed Meta’s decision against this partnership in light of several concerns, including Google’s restrictive terms and conditions. The Chief Technology Officer from Meta recently posted, reflecting on Google’s policies that would potentially lead to Meta having less control over its platform. Google’s proposal was majorly about fragmenting the XR market with multiple Android operating systems, which, as per Meta officials, would have hindered the overall growth of the ecosystem.

A rejection from Meta was expected, as Meta has always been adamant about building a user base. They have been among the top players in the tech realm as they have made customers and their experience a priority at times at the cost of their profits. Their strategies and actions suggest they might be working on a self-contained ecosystem to dominate the XR market.

Google is also working on giving tough competition to Meta and Apple as they have partnered with Qualcomm and Samsung to create XR products while simultaneously working on the Android platforms.

With this situation now being discussed in the market, one thing is clear: the competition is real! And it is going to heat up further. Let’s see what the future of the XR market holds!

Bob Dilon
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