Rare Glimpse of Samsung MR Headset in Leaked Photos

A recent report claimed that a Chinese publication called Gyro Technology leaked the design prototype of the Samsung MR headset.

The now-deleted post from the Chinese website featured images of Samsung’s MR headset, which has given way to discussions about the features of this all-new addition to its ecosystem.

Samsung first discussed its MR/XR headset in February 2023 at the Galaxy Unpacked Event. Working with Google and Qualcomm, Samsung introduced users to this new and better addition to their Galaxy ecosystem.

Samsung MR Headset

After the recent leak of images, users, although for a short period, were exposed to what this new MR headset has to offer. Going by the pictures, the Samsung MR Headset has four cameras, one on each corner of the front panel. Additionally, it has two RGB cameras for color passthrough and a depth sensor to keep track of hand movements and the environment.

If the publication is to be believed, the MR headset utilizes pancake lenses for the in-built OLED screens, making it yet another feature that stands out. These lenses keep the thickness of the visor at a minimum, allowing for a better output. The headset uses eye and hand tracking, enabling the users to control it, replacing handheld controller technology.

There have been constant comparisons with Apple’s Vision Pro. Although the features are somewhat similar, Samsung wins the game in terms of pricing. Users can get it for $1000-$2,000, much lower than the Apple Vision Pro.

Samsung’s Grand Plan

Samsung plans to take the lead in the industry by developing an XR model for its Galaxy ecosystem. As a competition to Apple and a cheaper alternative to the same, Samsung aims to be the leading microdisplay component provider by the end of this financial year.

For Samsung, the aim is to increase revenue, multiply profits, and gain and retain loyal customers.

Samsung is constantly working to attain the top spot in the future XR technology market.

Ben Suh, SVP of IR, said, “The XR device ecosystem has picked up activity, especially most recently. Some are saying that once the XR devices become widely penetrated, it would bring fundamental change to the way people live beyond what had happened with the smartphone.”

Let’s see how this new device turns the tables in the industry.

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