Meta & LG Partner on XR Headset Development to Take on Apple’s Vision Pro

A Meta-LG collaboration is on the way to develop an XR headset that will stand against Apple’s Vision Pro. According to a report in the Korean Daily, “The Korea Economic Daily,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in town to meet and finalize the said deal with LG. The report talks about the possible production of two headsets: an affordable version and a high-end version of the XR headset. The headset is said to be released in 2025.

Meta and LG Partnership
William Cho, Mark Zuckerberg, and Park Hyoung-sei LG’s Seoul headquarters.

If reports are to be believed, Zuckerberg is meeting LG Electronics CEO William Cho on February 28 to discuss and finalize the deal. His private jet is near town, and a meeting with LG Electronics’ top IT executives is around the corner. The meeting’s supposed agenda is to further discuss the implementation of the plans. Releasing in early 2025, this headset will be tough competition for Apple’s Vision Pro with better quality and a lower price.

Meta and LG plan to launch “the highest performing XR headset in the first quarter of next year.” Apple Vision is the talk of the town right now. To dethrone Vision Pro, the two companies plan to launch Quest Pro as early as 2025.

Last year, in September, there was air around the Meta-LG collaboration to develop two separate Quest headsets. These rumors came down when South Korea’s Maekyung reported the possible collaboration, along with the possible launch of two headsets, one of which will give tough competition to Apple’s Vision Pro and another economical XR headset priced at less than $200.

Another report came in January this year, where a South Korean tech outlet, The Guru, reported that the LG-Meta XR headset will be available the following year.

Korea has been full of rumors about this collaboration, and we are sure everyone is as excited in the industry. If this is all true and the two tech giants come up with the XR headset next year, it will bring about a significant change in the market.

No one knows what turn this launch might take, but what is for sure is that Meta will have to go to great lengths to infiltrate Apple’s market share. To give tough competition to Apple’s Vision Pro, Quest Pro will have to be the best at the game!

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