Is Skyrim VR Still Worth Playing on Playstation VR in 2024?

In today’s era where experiences hold a lot of value, immersive VR games have become popular and sought after. Unlike most VR games out there, Skyrim VR needs no introduction. With so many versions releasing one after another, Skyrim has created a huge fan base for itself. If you’re wondering what is so special about Skyrim VR, let us tell you that this game allows people to navigate through the complete Skyrim world but in VR!

Skyrim VR

Any avid Playstation player would tell you that although there is a lot to be desired in the Skyrim VR, no other VR game today can stand rival to it. It is also arguably one of the most popular RPGs of all time and quite unique – after all, most of the other games have different experiences for PCs and consoles; however, Skyrim VR offers the same experience and allows users to navigate through the same Nordic world on both PC and consoles.

If you are worried that you are late to the Skyrim VR party, let us tell you that joining this party even now is a good idea. Why so? Jump into this article to know why you should consider checking out Skyrim VR and why it is still worth playing on Playstation VR even in 2024!

Pros – Why Skyrim VR Might Be The Best VR Game Even in 2024?

The technical feats and pros of Skyrim VR are common and shared with the technical advancements of general VR systems. Whether you have played immersive games or this is your first time, you will be amazed with the immersive feeling of Skyrim VR. The point-of-view of the character in the game is really unmatched but that you can think to be true in every other VR game.

Skyrim VR

The Skyrim VR opens with a compact and proper main menu that is better in terms of UI and interactivity; after all, the standard menu of the regular game version became a bit monotonous and lacked in user experience. You will find this menu to be burrowed in an underground waterfall grotto that is quite beautiful and has the Skyrim logo. For beginners, this is where you will be able to learn about the game controls and settings before embarking on the game mission.

When talking about the VR experience, the visuals and the overall interactivity is quite elevated. For example, standing on the ridge as the game starts is much more enjoyable and exhilarating in VR. Even when you are playing the game and picking up simple or unique objects, the feeling is all the more realistic. In VR, dodging arrows and spells by moving from one side to another and bending down or tiptoeing up to reach items has also become smooth.

An important point to note here is that much of this interactivity is limited without interaction from the mods. Similar to the previous game versions, Skyrim VR also has a strong mod community and a huge fanbase. Some huge accomplishments made by the Skyrim VR mod community include:-

  • VRIK – Offers the player character a responsive body.
  • MageVR – Allows players to cast spells through a unique system based on Rune-drawing.
  • Dragonborn Speaks Naturally – Players can use their own voice for their character’s Thu’um.

Cons – Where Does Skyrim VR Lack In?

Even though the interactive system and experience offered by Skyrim VR is way better than other VR games, it can be a bit underwhelming at times. This is because although the game allows users to check out their surroundings and perspective, the controls are not up to mark and do not utilize the full potential of VR systems.

Another point to consider is that Skyrim VR is filled with glitches and feels like an unpolished game that has been released without proper planning and rendering. Some common glitches other than the non-utilization of VR capabilities that we found include:-

  • Players do not have a body.
  • Players cannot grab or pick up items off the ground.
  • Players cannot swing swords using their Playstation controllers.

You can think of Skyrim VR as a Skyrim game that ships with a VR headset on and costs more because of the first-person experience it offers.

Is Skyrim VR Worth It? – The Verdict

There are a lot of things that you need to consider – after all deciding whether Skyrim VR is worth playing on Playstation VR in 2024 or not is not an easy task. The foremost point you must consider is your VR setup; this is because the game works well on high-tier to mid-range VR systems and computers. However, low-range computers and VR systems are often unable to handle the graphics and make it exciting enough.

Another point to consider is whether you are able to mod the game properly or not; remember that the vanilla experience of the game is severely lacking. However, if you are able to mod the game and the system, you will be able to make the Skyrim VR experience all the more enticing.

At the end of the day, you need to deliberate whether your system would be able to handle the game or not and whether you will be able to mod it. However, we would suggest you give Skyrim VR a try if you are into interactive games. After all, the Nordic homeland interactive exploration experience is something that you should definitely not miss out on!

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