Apple Vision Pro Aids Florida Doctors in Groundbreaking Surgery

Apple Vision Pro is again in the headlines. This time, it’s being used for a complex shoulder replacement surgery. Doctors in Florida performed a shoulder replacement surgery using Apple’s Vision Pro headset in a groundbreaking move. With the help of the MyMako app, specially developed for Vision Pro by Exex, doctors successfully performed the surgery.

Apple Vision Pro use in shoulder replacement surgery in Florida
Photo by Mylo Kaye on Unsplash

This is not the first time the mixed-reality headset has been used in the operating room. Last month, doctors in London used Vision Pro for some surgical processes, opening up doors of possibility for doctors and surgeons across the world.

Dr. G. Russell Hoffman performed this recent surgery in Florida’s AdventHealth Surgery Center, aided by the headset, with additional assistance from the MyMako App. The headset enables the surgeon to have a clearer view in real-time, giving a mixed-reality experience. The software provides crucial information along with some tips regarding the surgery.

Dr. Huffman highlighted the achievement, saying, “This achievement is not just a milestone for eXeX but a leap forward for the entire medical industry. Our successful use of the Apple Vision Pro and the eXeX software in such a complex environment underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in surgical procedures and patient care.”

As per the officials and surgeons, this technique for performing surgery helps deal with issues that might occur during traditional processes. While wearing the headsets, Dr. Huffman and his team did not need to touch any contaminated surfaces or move around the inventory since they accessed it all through Vision Pro. This primarily reduces the risk of infection while providing faster and more efficient solutions and guides.

This case has shown us what augmented reality is capable of and how, if used efficiently, it can act as an assistant in all walks of life. The medical industry might get better performance than before!

Bob Dilon
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