10 Best Apple Vision Pro Games for All Skill Levels

Excuse the expensive price, but the Apple Vision Pro is definitely a good shot. It comes with a suite of decent features, and you will find a ton of exclusive games to engage with. The Apple Vision Pro games are mesmerizing and can keep you in a spot for long hours. Whether you’re looking for racing games, arcades, combats, or single- or multiplayer games, there are lots of them on the Vision Pro Store. Here are some of the most interesting ones to check out.

10 Best Apple Vision Pro Games
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10 Best Apple Vision Pro Games

These games are not only intriguing but affordable and offer a ton of in-game features you will enjoy.

1. Synth Riders

Developer: Kluge Interactive

Price: $24.99

Ready to move with the sounds? This rhythmic game will make you move your body as you flow to the rhythms. There are about 75 free songs (and even more) and 62 optional DLC tracks from top names like Gorillaz, Bruno Mars, Muse, and more. This can serve as a VR fitness game as it makes you move all your body and sweat some calories.

This game comes as part of the Apple Arcade Subscription; all you need to do is catch the notes, dodge obstacles to the beat of your selected music, and ride the rail. While the game has stunning visuals, it also offers a lot of customizable features. In-game purchases are available to personalize your experience.

2. Super Fruit Ninja

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Price: Free

Enjoyed playing Super Fruit Ninja on mobile phones back in the day? Well, it hasn’t gone away yet, and the entertainment is still here. The Apple Vision Pro version of Fruit Ninja was released by Halfbrick Studios, and it is such a fun game to play. Exclusive to Vision Pro, the Super Fruit Ninja game Fruit Ninja feels way better than ever. There are four modes to play through, and make sure to annihilate as many fruits as you can.

3. Game Room

Developer: Resolution Games AB

Price: Free

How good is the “new cat?” Well, it’s a good one! Game Room is a collection of classic games exclusive to Vision Pro. This game was launched just a few months ago and has earned quite a few positive reviews online. In Game Room, you are tasked with new daily solitaire challenges and obliged to climb to the top of the leaderboard. The six-game collection includes Chess, Solitaire, Yacht, Hearts, Sea Battle, and Flip It, with an update from the developer hinting at the addition of Checkers soon.

4. What the Golf?

Developer: Triband, FoxNext

Price: $19.99

This is an awkwardly exciting physics-based golf that looks to imitate the actual golf sport. It takes you through different levels, each featuring a surprising new type of golf that could leave you wondering how that was even a level.

What the Golf isn’t only interesting; it can keep you engaged for long hours. Also, the game features special updates for globally celebrated holidays like International Cat Day, Halloween, World Maritime Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.

5. LEGO Builder’s Journey

Developer: LEGO

Price: $19.99

This game is available as part of Apple Arcade subscription – although it costs $19.99. LEGO’s Builder’s Journey is a puzzle game you’re going to crack your brains really hard to win. It’s a brick-puzzle game with instructions you should follow to win in each level – but you don’t always have to follow the rules and instructions; for some levels, you just need to think outside the box and be creative. The custom soundtracks infused into the game are equally soothing and will make you want to stay longer – playing.

6. Stitch

Developer: Lykkegaard Europe Limited

Price: Free with Apple Arcade

Here’s another game to enjoy with through your Apple Arcade subscription. Stitch is a puzzle game for Apple OSes, including VisionOS. This game empowers you with a suite of tools to allow you to create stunning embroidery designs and patterns – you’re tasked with filling each level’s gaps in the Hoops.

While the game may appear easy to deal with, it’s quite a tough one. You move from the easy levels to extremely challenging ones, and there are hundreds of levels to play. You each hoop you complete, you can share it online with the Stitch community. Anyone can play, but not all can win.

7. Bloons TD 6+

Developer: Ninja Kiwi

Price: $6.99

This upgraded version of the Bloons TD for Apple Vision Pro is really an interesting one to check out. Aside from the alluring graphics and features, there is so much to play – over 49 maps to tour. The monkey animations just got better too – you need to pop every invading Bloon to win. Interestingly, there are many upgrades to catch within the app, and different multiplayer events too, such as the Boss Events, Odysseys, Contested Territory, and Quests. Can you survive the drill? You must be very strategic to achieve that.

8. Cut The Rope 3

Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited

Price: Apple Arcade Subscription

Love seeing cute monsters on screens? Then you will love this game. Cut the Rope 3 is part of Apple’s Arcade game list. It is a mesmerizing game of cute monsters Om Nom and Nibble Nom, who are in an adventure land. Your job is to guide them through their travel in the wonderland full of challenging puzzles. There are lots of breathtaking locations to explore, and the game comes in different levels.

9. Wylde Flowers

Developer: Studio Drydock Pty Ltd

Price: Apple Arcade Subscription

In Wylde Flowers, you have to cultivate and groom different enchanting flowers. It is a cozy life and farming simulation with an interesting twist: you’re living in a digital world where magic spells are the order of the day. You have to join the coven—playing as Tara—to unravel a mystery in the friendly town of Fairhaven. Tara would help her grandma on the family farm to keep the plants and flowers blooming. Not gonna lie, there are a lot of things to enjoy in this game—and yes, you get to be a witch!

10. JetPack Joyride 2

Developer: Halfbrick

Price: Apple Arcade

Yet another Halfbrick classic you will love to see. This time, in this second installment, Barry would appear with new equipment and weapons to fight, and, as you may guess, there are new enemies too. But you must help Barry get through the obstacles, shooting down anything you can to clear the route to the laboratory and stop the scientists’ experiments on time.

What More?

Of course, there are multiple other exciting games to play on Vision Pro, but these are our top picks, and most of them are available with the $5/month Apple Arcade subscription. Ready to rumble? Start playing these titles on your Apple Vision Pro.

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