XREAL Air 2 Glasses Review: A Virtual Reality Game Changer?

Argumentative Reality (AR) can’t only be enjoyed using AR headsets. There are other smart gadgets and devices that lets you have a feel. XREAL (Formerly NREAL) is a famous brand that manufactures AR glasses. The XREAL Air glasses remarkably come with pretty outstanding features and feels very comfortable to wear for a long time.

XREAL Air glasses are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, which means you can easily connect any of your phones. More so, it supports Windows OS, macOS, SteamDeck, and a lot more. The flexibility, hi-tech features, multi-connectivity, and appealing aesthetics of XREAL glasses make them a catchy one for AR enthusiasts. This XREAL glasses review details all you need to know.

XREAL Air 2 Glasses review

XREAL Air 2 Glasses Overview: What Are They?

The XREAL Air 2 glasses are a series of Argumentative Reality spectacles from XREAL (formerly known as NREAL). These glasses look pretty much like a regular pair of Googles, but when you look at them from the side view, you’ll spot the obvious difference – they stick out more. Also, the glasses consist of two layers, a smaller pair of micro OLED projectors, and then the actual glasses.

There are actually a ton of features around the body of the XREAL Air 2; this includes concealed speakers on the left and right temples (arms) and these arms can be adjusted in three levels to fit perfectly. Looking at the design, build, features, and specs, the XREAL Air 2 is somewhat pricey for the price tag. But then, it’s a good one, and such that lets you enjoy AR gaming and streams anywhere.

What’s In The Box?

XREAL Air 2 AR Glasses box

The box is compact and well designed. Pop it open and you will see the XREAL Air 2 case, which houses the glasses. If you take out the case, you’ll find an envelope that contains prescription lenses, 2 pairs of nose pads, and the connection cable. So, in total, inside the box are the following:

• A pair of your Air 2 glasses
• The lenses cover
• A total of three nose pads
• Prescription lenses
• The case for storing and carrying your Air 2
• Detachable cable
• Lens cleaning cloth with NREAL branding

XREAL Air Glasses Price and Availability

You’re getting the standard version for $379, while the Pro version goes for an additional $50, placing it at $429. The glasses are available on the brand’s official website or in top stores like Amazon. Available colors for the XREAL Air 2 series are Graphite Grey and Carmine Red. There are a couple of additional add-ons you could get to use alongside your XREAL Air 2.

The XREAL Kaleido Kit (sold for $9.99) comes with a number of colorful frames (up to six different colors) in case you want to cover the actual color of your Air 2 glasses. Another add-on is the XREAL Beam ($119), which makes the glasses compatible with more devices like gaming consoles (PS5, Nintendo, and Xbox). The XREAL Beam comes with a C-C Cable inside the box.

XREAL Air Glasses Features

Look around the XREAL Air 2 and you’ll find a couple of pretty interesting features. First, you’ll observe the micro OLED projectors hidden behind the main lenses, and then there are speakers embedded into the arms, an I/O button, a sensor on the lenses’ frame, a nose pad that fits in-between the lenses, and a brightness level adjuster.

The left temple (arm) is where to plug in the cable you’ll use to connect your Air 2 AR glasses to a compatible device (your smartphone or gaming device). A reflective frame is included to cover the lenses so you can enjoy a hassles view. More features and functions of XREAL Air 2 can be unlocked using the XREAL Beam add-on.

XREAL Air 2 Glasses Compatibility

On its own, the XREAL Air 2 can connect to your mobile smartphone, particularly your Android or iOS device (iPhone 15), and also SteamDeck, Windows or macOS PC, and ROG Ally. But then, when you pair it with the Beam add-on, the compatibility spreads to gaming consoles like Nintendo, PS5, and Xbox X/S.

If you’re using an older iPhone model, such as the iPhone 14, 13, or earlier, you will need to get the XREAL Adapter add-on, which costs an additional $49. Without this adapter, even if you get the Beam, you can only connect an iPhone 15 and other aforementioned devices. This adapter provides you with a lightning to HDMI port so you can connect your older iPhone model.

XREAL Air 2 Glasses Resolution & Refresh Rate

You shouldn’t expect this pair of glasses to give you the same clarity and display precision as a typical big-screen OLED TV. But then, it delivers solid HD images and acts more like a 130-inch display – a portable personal projector that fits into your pocket.

To get the best image quality, stay in a room that isn’t filled with bright lights – a room with a plain solid background. This doesn’t mean you won’t catch a good image resolution when you’re outside, but you may need to attach the optional visor to see clearly in open environments.

Everything said so far points out that you’re getting good 1080p HD resolution from the XREAL Air 2; yes, it lacks 4K and that may be a little bit disappointing owing to the price point. The display mimics a 130-inch TV that is placed 4m away from you – giving you a more immersive experience than you can get with a typical smartphone or tablet device.
Thankfully, you’re getting a 120Hz refresh rate, which is impressive for any type of gaming. The audio from the concealed speakers is “fine.” But, if you’re an audiophile, you may want to use a headphone. Interestingly, the moment you connect a headphone, the built-in speakers on the glasses will automatically mute themselves.

XREAL Air 2 Glasses Battery Life

If there’s one thing everyone would love to know about a “tech” device they are getting, it is the battery life of the gadget. Well, this pair of AR glasses need no internal batteries to work, they plug into your mobile phone, PC, MacBook, or other supported devices – more like a plug-n-play gadget, yeah.

But then, while the XREAL Air 2 doesn’t function with batteries, it drains the “living hell” from your phone’s battery. Yes, practically, you’ll notice that your mobile phone’s battery will drain at a rapid speed once you connect the XREAL Air 2 and start playing or streaming whatever it is you want to see.

XREAL Air 2 Glasses Uses

What are you getting an AR device or gadget for? This pair of AR glasses does virtually everything you’ll ever want from your AR device – mostly streaming and gaming. These glasses let you interact with a virtual world anywhere you are, and they feel so comfortable to put on.

What More, Should You Buy?

The XREAL Air 2 AR glasses are not “perfect” yet, and you need to spend up to $160 more (for the Beam and Adapter) if you want to connect an older iPhone model or a gaming device like the Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo.

Nevertheless, the 120Hz, super HD clarity, and the feeling of carrying a 130-inch display in your pocket would make sense to some AR enthusiasts. Of course, the PRO model stands out because it lets you adjust the lens contrast to be darker or lighter.

Whether you should buy this or not depends on how you want to enjoy AR streaming and gaming, the XREAL Air 2 is a good one, overall.

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