Speak Loud, Play Quiet – The Surprising Features of Mutalk Wearable Microphone

You know you sound differently if you cover your mouth with a cloth and try to speak through the cloth. Well, here we’re not talking about clothes but wearable microphones. The widespread of VR technology has led to an upspring of new “smarter” devices for different purposes. Today, there are wearable VR microphones that help to make sure you produce clean audio when you speak through them.

Made by Shiftall, Mutalk is a wearable microphone designed to reduce sound leakage and improve voice quality for VR and metaverse users. Shiftall typically has a catalogue of interesting devices built for VR enthusiasts and regular techies. The Mutalk microphone looks pretty much like a white box for covering the mouth; it comes with a strap but can still be held by hand for non-VR use.

Multalk Wearable Microphone Overview

Basically, a smartwear that connects to your device via Bluetooth wireless, Multalk is compatible with Windows OS, iOS, and Android, and can last up to 10 hours on a full charge. This device is advertised as a VR microphone, but it’s also useful outside VR applications. The main aim of Multalk is to reduce sound leakage and improve voice quality, hence the “unique” design that sets it out – clearly, from other VR microphones.

Shiftall, Mutalk

Well, with the design, no one would be wearing this microphone device walking down the streets. It’s a device to use at home, inside your gaming room, or in a conference hall (still unlikely too). Wearing this microphone, you can shout as much as you want in open spaces and no one will feel the impact; the mic reduces noise up to -30db, as well as eliminates ambient noise. Multalk looks like an awesome device for a gamer.

In a time where other microphones use noise-reduction and cancelation technologies, Multalk uses a Helmholtz resonator to achieve an average of -20db muffle of external and internal sounds. This microphone has two removable parts; the mouth pad and the moisture absorbing cushion – these removable parts are also washable.

Multalk Specifications

  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Charging method: USB Type-C, charges in approx. 1 hour
  • Mic Input Sensitivity: -51dB±3.5dB
  • Mic Frequency Response: 100〜10,000Hz
  • Size: 123mm × 107.5mm × 67mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 183g (6.4oz)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless and 3.5mm jack
  • Supported Profiles: HSP, HFP
shiftall mutalk design

Multalk Features Discussed

Looking at the microphone’s body, it clearly flaunts a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm jack output that sits beside the port. A LED indicator sits between the charging port and jack output – the LED indicates the connection status of the device. Multalk comes with a “helmet-like” strap that secures it on your head so it doesn’t fall off no matter what you do.

The strap is adjustable to make it fit perfectly; once fastened, Multalk will remain tight regardless of your ongoing activity or body motion. This makes it a good fit for a lot of people – since they can strap it on and never get bothered of their mic falling off when they make a particular posture or react to a gaming scene.

Of course, the strap is removable if you want to use the microphone as a “handheld” device. Also, once you take of the device, it mutes automatically. So, even if it’s still connected to your device, it would capture any sound – pretty smart!

You can connect your smartphones or PC using the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth wireless. When an earphone is connected, Mutalk can hear the incoming voice/sound and act as a Bluetooth headset. The top two parts of this microphone can be removed at any time to be cleaned or washed in water.

Should You Buy Multalk?

Well, the bulky design limits the flexibility of using the microphone, and may appear awkward to some people, too. But then, this microphone works perfectly for spatial audio; wearing Multalk, you can play any game, make game chatters and shouts, and nobody around you will feel disturbed because your “loud” chants got absorbed by the mic.

In the same vein, your teammates will get to hear you clearly even if you’re in a noisy environment – Multalk guarantees low decibels in-game voice chats. Wearing this on and playing a VR game definitely enhances the immersion and realism of VR experiences. If you wouldn’t mind covering your whole mouth with gaming, this is a good buy.

Where to Buy?

This novel microphone is quite expensive at the price. It sells at $130 on the official website, but you can find it between $125 and $150 on other stores. Of course, there are many much portable microphones you will find at a cheaper price, but they don’t offer decent-enough sound leakage reduction as Multalk.

Multalk Applications

  • For making phone calls
  • Playing games in crowded rooms
  • Playing games at home (no one would ever feel disturbed by your gaming chatters)
  • For use in scenarios where background noise is entirely not needed (Multalk eliminates background noise)
  • Seeing movies (especially horror movies that can make you shout)

What More?

Sincerely, the bulky nature of Multalk is a “turn-off” and makes the device almost generally unnecessary. Nevertheless, it’s useful in many ways – if you can deal with the bulkiness, this is a much better than option than those “smaller” microphones you affix to your shirts/polos. If someone gifts you this, it means they want you to “shut up!” Oh, sorry, they want you to be quieter. Sounds convincing enough? What are your thoughts on this wearable tech? Let’s hear it.

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