The First Live-Action VR Horror Series: “The Faceless Lady” Arrives on Meta Horizon Worlds

Eli Roth is at it again with the horror genre. Eli Roth in partnership with Meta, Crypt TV and ShinAwil, is bringing the first-ever live-action horror VR series named, “The Faceless Lady”. This 6-episode-long series is all set to release on Meta Horizon Worlds on April 4 at 5 PM PT.

The Faceless Lady, as per Roth, promises a chilling experience as it will premiere in Stereoscopic 3D, letting the viewers completely delve! This groundbreaking development in the horror genre with a super immersive experience will make viewers experience the dread and suspense embedded in the story.

The Faceless Lady vr series for meta quest

“Partnering with Meta on VR originals has been an incredible experience, and I can’t wait for fans to enjoy VR horror in series form with ‘The Faceless Lady.’ Seeing the reaction to ‘Trick-VR-Treat’ and ‘Be Mine’ showed what an appetite genre fans have for this medium and how VR users are experiencing horror through the headset,” Eli Roth explains.

Drawing inspiration from the 17th-century folklore of Lady Margret Hodnet, this series is reimagining the tale in the present world with a star-studded cast. The story begins when three unsuspected couples are duped into joining the weekend competition at a secluded Irish castle. Totally unaware of the fact that the “faceless lady” roams around the Belvelly castle halls through mirrors, the couples join the competition. However, as the events unfold, they realise that they have been lured and trapped into a deadly game orchestrated by the vengeful spirit of Lady Margret Hodnet, a.k.a “the faceless lady”. Will they win the game or lose their lives?

The live-action horror series has big stars like Tara Lee, and Staz Nair, along with Ugo Onwughalu, Mei Henri, Sophie Rebecca-Jones, Daisy Jelley, and Ned Dennehy. This spine-chilling VR experience is directed by John William Ross.

“The Faceless Lady,” is not just groundbreaking, but a leap forward in VR storytelling. Darren Brandl, executive producer for Crypt TV, excitingly terms it “XR Television,” highlighting how this project is a new development that will guide the future in this realm. “This is a big moment for XR,” he adds. “The tech has finally caught up to the promise of the premise and we hope fans will love it.”

Those excited to witness the history in the making can attend the live premiere within the Meta Horizon Worlds. Those who do not own a VR headset need not worry as Crypt TV is there for them with the first two episodes on their FB page. These will be added right after the premiere. For those who want to experience it at their convenience can fall back on Meta Quest TV, where it will be added post the premiere.

The immersive realm of Meta Horizon Worlds awaits you with Roth’s special horror live-action series.

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