Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer Review: Smart Glasses with Style (and Some Limits)

“Perfect” smart glasses?I mightt not agree with that, but the Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer is smart stuff you’ll find interesting, and it’s comfortable to wear, just like normal glasses. This $299 smart sunglass comes with a 12MP camera that puts out clear visuals, and overall, the design is awesome—something you’d come to love.

To set this up easily, you need to install the Meta View app on your device. You also need a Facebook or Instagram account to use this smart glass. It comes with a charging case, which can charge the glasses up to eight times. So, combined, you could be getting up to 32 hours of battery life.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Overview

This is a pair of smart sunglasses with some tech specifications that make it an interesting device for the price. You can take pictures and record videos with this smart sunglass in pretty decent quality. One may feel this pair of smart glasses may be a bit heavy, but it’s actually lightweight, even with all that is built into the frame (speakers, cameras, and other modules).

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses
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Interestingly, the 12MP camera with an ultra-wide sensor captures 3024 x 4032 pixels and records 1080p videos with 1440 x 1920 resolution. Not so super, but acceptable and pretty decent compared to some entry-level smartphones. The speakers do a good job, and the charging case is just handy. One thing you may find to be not-so-good is the AI features of this gadget.

Main Features of Ray-Ban Wayfarer by Meta

1. Built-in Speakers

The speakers sound good, just as you would expect from a device of its type and price. Of course, you’re not going to compare this with headphones or earphones, but they sound pretty decent and work great for hands-free calls. You will experience extended bass and a rich listening experience, even in noisy environments.

2. 12MP Camera

The 12MP camera, which has an ultra-wide sensor, shoots decent-quality pictures and videos. Surprisingly, it can take very clear still photos and stable videos. You get to import the photos and videos you take to your connected mobile phone for editing or immediate sharing.

3. Built-In Mics

Also, the Ray-Ban smart glasses come with built-in mics to record audio while you’re videoing. It comes with up to five (5) mics, to be precise, and they work perfectly for voice recording—very clear audio quality—clear enough to replace your smartphone’s microphone for calls.

4. Charging Case

This also serves as the carrying case, and it’s much better than the previous model. The new Ray-Ban charging/carry case is slimmer than the previous version and charges the glasses wirelessly once you put them into the case. Also, this case is lighter in weight, and yet, it could charge the glasses for a solid eight (8) full cycles to provide you with about 34+ hours of battery life.

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer charging case
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5. Livestream

You could livestream what you’re viewing or seeing through these glasses. Maybe you’re skidding with some pals and want everyone to see how some of your team members are sliding through, or just anything you’re seeing through the glasses. Ray-Ban glasses live stream goes directly to Instagram and Facebook.

6. Meta AI Voice Chat

Available in the US only, this feature of the Ray-Ban glasses lets you chat with Meta AI and get real-time responses. The Meta AI voice chat responds to you based on the data and information it can access around you.

7. 100% Ray Protection

You would definitely expect that from these sunglasses. Well, yes, the glass offers 100% UVA and UVB protection, which means if you’re out there in the sun, the lenses would dim a bit to protect your eyes from direct rays. It also works well for someone who stays on a PC pretty often.

Full Specifications

Design Wayfarer and Headliner
Microphone Five-mic setup, scattered throughout the frame, strategically
Camera 12MP ultra-wide (1080p at 30fps)
Weight 133g with the charging case
Storage 32GB
Battery 33+ hours of use with the fully charged case
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Charging USB-C
OS Compatibility iOS 14.2 and above or Android 10 and above

What’s Up with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses?

First of all, if you’re not living in the US, forget about the Meta AI voice chats and commands; they won’t work. Even in the US, the feature is still being experimented with, so expect some flaws. The major “hit-bang!” of this piece of smart wear is the audio recording quality provided by the five-mic setup and the superb sound quality offered by the built-in speakers.

The hands-free functions perform just great, and you can really enjoy your calls. Also, the livestream feature works pretty well, but only works with Facebook and Instagram (as one could expect, anyway). It’s pretty cool to wear these glasses as your daily sunglasses; no one would easily know you’re putting on a smart one that could record them on the go.

Yeah, that’s because the design looks exactly like every other daily sunglass out there on the market. There are few color options to choose from, and there are just two models: the Wayfarer and Headliner. Pretty much the same stuff; the difference between the models is the frame style; both models share the same color options, too, for the same price.

Talking about the price, you’re getting this sunglass for $299, but some color options are priced above $300, which is still pretty affordable for the features. Apparently, this was designed for outdoor use, but it’s quite okay to use it for your eye while on PC.

What More?

You can order this sunglass and a custom lens to go along with it, depending on your needs. Using the sunglass as a smart wearable requires downloading the Meta View app on your compatible smartphone and pairing the app with the glass. Meta offers warranty coverage and a money-back guarantee. The Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart sunglass is a worthy buy for the money, but the AI feature is close to being bullshit.

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