Meta to Showcase Orion AR Glasses Prototype at Connect 2024

Meta’s plan to launch augmented reality glasses has been the most-rumored topic for quite some time now. Meta is reportedly all set to display its new AR glasses, codenamed “Orion,” soon. These are different from Ray-Ban glasses and the Quest headset in their functions and features. While there is no official confirmation per se or complete information, here’s what we know:

Meta Orion AR Glasses

According to an unnamed source, a business insider has reported the possibility of Meta showcasing the Orion glasses at Meta Connect. Meta Connect, Meta’s annual developer conference, will take place this fall, which might turn out to be the “wait is over” moment for all tech enthusiasts out there. However, it is crucial to note that if it at all happens, it would just be for the public to see and not use or purchase.

Although the demo or initial look might happen this fall, Orion won’t be available to the public anytime soon. According to Verge, the sitemap for the product points to 2027 as the release year. This delay might be due to several reasons, with complex technology being our best bet. It is an advanced technology that is being used, and it might take time to work on and rework the applications.

Orion smart glasses are going to stand out as being different from Ray-Ban and Quest headsets. Ray-Ban is equipped with some AI voice features and a camera but lacks the VR element. While the Quest headset has the VR part but is specifically designed for gaming purposes, Orion smart glasses will be the first “true” AR glasses, offering something extra. While specific details are still under wraps, we can still associate them with the already-existing products in this line.

If we look at Frame’s AR glasses, we can expect Orion to have the ability to project digital elements effectively onto the real world; object recognition, real-life translation, etc. could be the advanced functions it offers.

The demo might help Meta understand what can be done better, understand expectations, and stay in discussions. Nothing can be said with surety yet. But we do know that these smart glasses will be a huge step forward, and the future might be all about AR!

Bob Dilon
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