Meta to Delete Oculus Accounts: Migrate to Meta ID by March 29th

Meta announced that they are closing all Oculus accounts by the end of the month. This means users can now move their Oculus accounts to new Meta IDs or they will lose all purchases, friends lists, and game achievements. If you are an old Oculus user, your extensive VR library might be at risk of deletion.

Meta to Delete Oculus Accounts

Back in October 2022, Meta notified its users about this action, and all Oculus accounts were to be logged out after January 1st, 2023, leading Quest and Rift headset users to migrate their accounts.

Now, the final ultimatum is here to migrate old Oculus accounts by March 29th, 2024; otherwise, all old accounts will be deleted, and users will lose all their data linked to the accounts. Meta also confirmed that they will not reactivate the deleted accounts in any way, so take action now.

To migrate your Oculus accounts to new Meta IDs, simply login to your Oculus account, where you will find the option to migrate your account. You can also migrate your account using the Oculus mobile app. Just follow the provided instructions. All your data will be seamlessly shifted to your new Meta accounts within a few minutes.

Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014, and since then, it has been surrounded by controversies. Then, in August 2020, Facebook instructed all Oculus users to migrate their accounts to valid Facebook accounts to access the full features of the platform easily. However, they reversed their decision in late 2021, stating that you don’t need a Facebook account to use the platform.

If you are a new user on the Meta platform, there is no need for you to take any action regarding your account.”

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