Huawei Officially Confirms VR Headset to Rival Apple’s Vision Pro

Huawei is working on a VR headset that supposedly will give tough competition to Apple’s recent development, Vision Pro. Earlier, these were mere rumors, but now they have been confirmed after Li Nan’s recent Weibo post. Nan, a former Meizu executive, wrote in his post that Huawei is working on a VR headset with their own chipsets with no delay in “spatial rendering.”

Huawei VR Headset

This post has set the stage for a competition between the two tech giants. Huawei’s entry into the industry is being seen as something grand, especially after Apple’s Vision Pro’s release with a heavy price tag of $3499. The device, believed to be named “Huawei’s Vision,” is reportedly carrying a Sony 4K micro OLED display, similar to Apple’s Vision Pro. However, it is said to be almost half as heavy as Apple’s Vision Pro in weight, which is a plus point for Huawei. This 300-gram device, compared to Apple’s 650-gram headset, is better suited for long-hour gaming sessions, allowing better comfort and immersion. The expected price point lies somewhere near 15,00 Yuan ($2100), which is again a feature worth an edge over Apple.

Interestingly, Huawei had already trademarked the name “Vision Pro” in China, following which Apple might have to change its product name if it wishes to sell its product in the country. This development of getting Huawei Vision into the market is a follow-up activity by the company. Back in 2021, Huawei released Vision Glass.

All these numbers, figures, and technicalities may not be accurate since it is too early to know something for sure. One thing is for sure: Huawei is entering the mixed reality market with its own headgear, reportedly this year. It is going to be an event worth remembering. Let’s see who the winds in the tech market favor!

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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