How to Cast Oculus Quest to TV, PC, and Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Yes, you can cast your Meta or Oculus Quest headset to your TV, PC, or even mobile phone. This is possible through the Meta Quest app or the headset settings, and it is quite an easy thing to do. Meta/Oculus casting allows you to share your VR headset screen to another screen – you can stop the casting at any time.

Meta / Oculus Casting: What You Should Know

While it is possible to cast your Oculus VR headset to another screen, both devices (the VR headset and the device you’re casting to) must be on the same WiFi network. You can cast directly from the headset or use the Meta Quest app. Once your view is shared, whatever you’re seeing through the VR headset will be replicated and shown on the device you casting to, exactly.

How To Cast Oculus Quest To TV

1. Cast From Your Headset

  • Ensure the TV is on the same WiFi as the VR headset

Step One: From the headset menu, click on the share button and select “Cast” from the sharing options shown.

Step Two: Select the device you want to cast your screen to – in this case, select your TV model and click “Next.”

Step Three: Check your TV to see if your VR screen is showing there. If your settings are well done, your VR screen should be cast there.


  • Your TV must have Chromecast built-in or you attach a physical Chromecast device
  • If you don’t see the “Share” icon on your headset, press the Oculus button and then select the “Camera” icon.
  • Meta Quest does not fully support Chromecast, so using Chromecast may not work properly.

2. Cast To Your TV From Your Phone

  • Install the Meta Quest mobile app on your smartphone
  • Log in your headset on the Meta Quest app

Step One: Open the Meta Quest app and tap “Cast,” which is in the upper right corner. (Note: the Cast button is shown as a headset with a WiFi symbol beside it)

Step Two: If prompted, tap Allow to search for devices on your home network. This is why your TV, Phone, and Oculus headset should be on the same network.

Step Three: Select your TV device from the list and tap “Start.” You can stop the casting anytime too.

How To Cast Oculus Quest To PC

  • Your PC must be on the same WiFi network as your headset
  • You need Chrome web browser installed on the computer

Step One: Launch the Chrome web browser on your computer and go to this URL

Step Two: Log in to your Oculus/Meta account using the requested credentials, then wear your headset.

Step Three: Press “/” on your controller to open the universal menu. Then select “Camera” è “Cast”

Step Four: Select your computer as the device you want to cast your VR headset to, then tap on Connect.

How To Cast Oculus Quest To Phone

  • Your phone must be a smartphone with Bluetooth support
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connection
  • Connect the phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Meta / Oculus Quest.
  • Install the Meta Quest app on your phone.

Step One: Open the Meta Quest app and tap on the Casting icon. You will see all connected headsets on your network, tap on the one you want to cast from.

Step Two: If you can’t find your headset, tap “Other Devices” to search for other devices available on your network.

Step Three: Once you’ve seen the headset, tap the Start button and select your phone to begin casting.


  • If you open another app or close the Meta Quest app on your phone, the casting will be stopped automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cast From Oculus Quest 2 To Mobile Phone?

Yes, Oculus casting works on phones (via the mobile app), computers (via the Google Chrome browser), and TVs (with Google Cast). Majorly, you can achieve this using the Meta Quest app, but for casting to your PC, you need to do that from the headset menu.

How Do I Stop Casting My Meta Quest to TV, Phone, or PC?

It’s quite simple – return to the casting menu on the app or from your headset menu, then tap or select “Stop Sharing.” If you were casting to a mobile phone, if you leave or close the Meta Quest app, the casting would stop automatically.

How To Troubleshoot Oculus Casting Not Working

By merely restarting your Meta Quest headset, you could fix the casting issue. However, if you were using Chromecast to cast to your TV, Meta Quest does not fully support Chromecast devices, so you need a TV with Google Cast built-in. Also, if you want to cast to PC, use Google Chrome and make sure you log in via

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