Free Vive XR Elite Deluxe Pack Available Until July 3rd

The Meta Quest is inarguably one of the most popular and sought-after VR headsets of the moment. Even the Apple Vision Pro didn’t beat the Meta Quest 3 in many aspects, even with the super expensive price tag. Now, talking of the Vive XR Elite headset, it stands as a solid standalone VR headset for any VR enthusiast.

In a recent press release, Vive announced that it will include up to four (4) free accessories with the Deluxe Pack of its XR Elite headset. The accessories aren’t just random gear, but pretty useful gear to improve the headset’s ergonomics and user comfort for extensive game play and other VR uses.

The newly announced HTC “Vive XR Elite Deluxe Pack” will include four free accessories.

HTC Vive, which is HTC Corporation’s official brand for its virtual and mixed reality headsets, has recently announced it is releasing some free pecks for its headset users, particularly the Vive XR Elite headset.

According to the official report, the brand will be launching a new hardware bundle for its XR Elite headset; the bundle will include up to four free hardware accessories to use along with the main headset, so the accessories will be such that the XR Elite users can easily attach to their VR headsets to achieve improved ergonomics and increased user comfort.

This offer would be called the Vive XR Elite Deluxe Pack, and it’d be available to both new and existing owners of the Vive XR Elite headset. What’s included in the pack? Sure, you want to know. The pack comes with an improved Vive Face Gasket, Temple Clips for secure connection to the battery mount, an MR Reality Face Gasket to improve peripheral vision and ventilation, and a Deluxe Strap for better weight distribution.

What to Note?

The deluxe pack offer isn’t going to last for a long time; HTC is offering the promotional pack from now until July 3rd, 2024, for both new owners and existing owners of the Vive XR Elite headset. If you’re a Vive XR Elite user, you can head on to redeem your deluxe pack here.

You will be prompted to provide the following details to make your claim:

  • Headset serial number
  • Battery cradle serial number
  • Email address

Once your details are validated, you will be able to receive the deluxe pack for free. The Vive XR Elite remains the brand’s flagship standalone XR headset, and while it supports native Viveport content, it can also stream PC VR content via SteamVR.

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