Forget Google Earth! Earthquest Takes VR Travel to the Next Level

For the VR enthusiasts with a travel bug, Google Earth has been keeping them busy for years now. While Google’s Earth has not seen any updates in a long time, it was still the go-to app until Meta came in.

Earthquest launched in 2023 with the promise of providing a near-photorealistic 3D experience. With the accuracy to present almost every small town on Earth and high immersion levels, Earthquest is a real game changer.

Are you wondering what’s so special about Earthquest? Here are some features to look forward to:

3-D view: You can findalmost every identifiable city on earth” in great detail. While Google Earth provides satellite imagery, Earthquests boasts a promise of a three-dimensional view, allowing you to fly through the cities.

Made for VR: While Google Earth serves desktop users, Earthquests is specifically designed for VR enthusiasts using Quest. It allows users to travel and explore the world with friends or strangers online; adding yet another element to look forward to.

It’s AI Smart: Earthquest’s integration with ChatGPT provides users the opportunity to have an AI travel companion or guide. The user can ask about locations they are in, or request teleportation to a new city and even have a conversation- all within the VR environment.

Earthquest may also be used for purposes other than leisure. It has the potential to be used for educational purposes to give students a more holistic understanding of the world and its famous and historical cities.

Earthquest is truly a sample of how VR technology is advancing and will continue to do so. It gives us a glimpse into the super digital age, where our interactions with the globe might change and become all digital. Till then, hop up into your ships and explore on Earthquest!

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
This blog is my playground, my virtual laboratory where I can explore the ever-evolving world of VR. Expect honest reviews, insightful analysis, and a healthy dose of humor. Whether you're a seasoned VR veteran or a curious newcomer, I invite you to join me on this adventure.



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