Dyson’s Futuristic Vacuum Uses AR for Perfect Cleaning

Dyson has come up with an innovation in the cleaning segment that is actually “futuristic” in all aspects. With its entry into the market planned for the following months, Dyson promises a solution that helps you clean properly. Yes, you heard it right!

CleanTrace will be available for the Gen5detect cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson. It uses a LiDAR-equipped smartphone to track the cleaning efforts in real time. With the help of (Augmented Reality) AR, this super smart device would highlight the area that is vacuumed, letting the user know what area is left to be cleaned. Curious about how it works?

Dyson's Futuristic AR Vacuum Cleaner

The LiDAR scanner in the smartphone enables light waves to bounce off surfaces, creating a map or plan of your room. Once it is scanned, the device generates an image on the smartphone screen, which is attached to a mount on the cleaner. This image then shows the user what part is clean, using Dyson’s signature purple hue. The part that has no highlights is where the user must use the cleaner.

Dyson researched how human vacuuming is time-consuming and not “perfect.” There is a high chance of missing a spot or taking too much time being paranoid and re-cleaning several spots. To address this issue and provide a viable solution, Dyson decided to bring such a device onto the market.

Charlie Park, VP of Engineering at Dyson Home, said, “Unlike most humans, Dyson robots know exactly where they’ve been and where they haven’t cleaned. With CleanTrace, we’re adding this extra layer of cleaning intelligence to the Gen5 detect vacuum.” He further added, “Combined with the onboard particle sensing technology of the Gen5detect, this provides proof that your floors are truly clean.”

CleanTrace is expected to show up in the markets in June 2024, and it would be interesting to see how this gamification of cleaning is received by people.

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