Did the old Simpsons episode predict Apple’s Vision Pro?

Simpsons is famous for two things- the stories and the predictions. Over the years, we have seen Simpsons predict the future very accurately. The maker is a time traveller many say, while the others believe in the power of something beyond! Well, these are just talks.

The latest prediction (what they call it) came to light when some X users post Apple Vision Pro’s launch spotted the Simpson characters wearing some similar headgear. The clips are from an episode that was first aired 8 years ago.

The Matt Groening-created show featured some headgear much like the Apple Vision Pro, which is blowing up the tech market at the moment. Some hawk-eyed X users pointed it out and now, it is a hot topic on social media.

If you aren’t aware of the intricacies with which this device is made, we’ll brief it for you. Apple Vision Pro is an advanced technology, black-mirrored device controlled by eye movements and hand gestures allowing its users to experience the fictional world like its reality. This virtual experience comes at a hefty price of $3500, yet more than 100000 copies have already been sold.

What does the episode actually show? Well, the episode titled “Friends and Family” showcased the many characters of the comic drama wearing these huge headgear while on the road. It was made by Mr. Barns and first played by Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie as a real family. It was then released to the general public.

What happened then? Exactly what does now! People wearing it on the road were shown bumping into lampposts and poles. Well, users had many comments about it, some were good, while some were bad.

Anyway, this spark of conversations around this episode has proven to be an interesting engagement for the entire social media division, and the Vision Pro is now even more in talks.

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