Demeo Studio Unveils Plans for Dungeons and Dragons VR Game

Resolution Games has announced a collaboration with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast to create a Dungeons and Dragons game exclusively for VR. Their 2021 creation, Demeo, a tabletop video game that secured awards and accolades, was inspired by the D&D world. Taking a step further, they have planned to create a VR game, adding to the extensive empire of novels, games, web series, and more.

Dungeons and Dragons VR Game

However, no details are available regarding the release date or the specific platforms it would release on. Everything is under the covers as of now. “It would interest anyone in the world of digital tabletop games”, says Resolution Games representative.

This fan-favourite role-playing game has been the most followed and most recognisable for years, and now the news of another version coming is an absolute treat for the fans.

Although Resolution Games has never made an official game under the Dungeons and Dragons banner, both parties think this partnership is going to be huge. Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm, in the official announcement, said “Dungeons and Dragons is one of the richest fantasy worlds ever created, and it only gets bigger with every new sourcebook and adventure. We are beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP and look forward to sharing the first details of this new project in the future”.

Wizards of the Coast’s Eugene Evans, too, had positive things to say about the studios. In the announcement, he called them the “ideal” partners to bring Dungeons and Dragons into the VR realm.

Well, we think it to be true since the studio is known for creating D&D-inspired tabletop video games like Demeo. It allows four players from both VR and non-VR systems to get together and go on an adventurous journey of being a barbarian, sorcerer, hunter, bard, and so much more.

Besides allowing players to engage face-to-face, it also enables them to pick up objects in real-time and choose from various modes in VR and translates well on flatscreen as well.

Also, Demeo offers a mixed reality experience on Quest 2/3/Pro while keeping an eye out for Apple Vision Pro. Commenting on it wouldn’t be fair before it rolls out, which the studio promises would happen soon.

This is not the first time the studios have taken a step into the world of dungeons and dragons. Back in 2015, Wizards of the Coast collaborated with Altspace for a Dungeons and dragons tabletop VR version. It did not continue for long as Microsoft shut down the operations of altspace in 2023.

Well, the Dungeons and Dragons world has been evolving ever since it first came into being. Let’s see how its introduction into the VR world goes.

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