Can Immersed Visor XR Headset Outshine the Apple Vision Pro?

When what you need is a premium VR headset that offers just exactly what a “premium” gadget should offer, then you’ve got the Immersed’s Visor XR headset to bank on. Talk about a sleek, sturdy, ergonomic, and pace-setting VR headset and you have the Visor XR. Okay, this is not about hyping the headset, but it’s truly a good one.

For quite a long time now, top brands like Oculus (Meta) and HTC have been launching impressive VR headsets, raising the popularity of these gadgets. Today, many people know and use VR headsets because of these top brands, but not many people know that there are other brands that offer “better” VR products – that’s where Immersed comes in.

Visor XR Headset

Immersed’s new headset doesn’t only appear in a much better design, but solves the most problems with VR headsets and stands as a direct competitor to Apple’s highly-priced Vision Pro. With twin 4K micro OLED displays, ultra-wide FOV, 6DoF, and HD color passthrough, this VR headset is a real deal for many.

Immersed Visor XR Headset: The “Apple Vision Pro” Killer

Visor XR looks more like a sunglass than a typical VR headset, but then, it’s a VR headset. The sleek design – fewer components and padded layers – makes it lightweight and attractive. The headset feels so comfortable when held in the palm. Of course, it supports a wide range of features, including wireless connectivity and support for Apple, Linux, and Windows OSes.

You’re getting an optional backstrap for comfort – so the headset doesn’t fall off while you’re getting entertained. Visor XR is quite small in size compared to other VR headsets in the market and yet comes with high-end features, including 4K display support. Powering this headset is a Qualcomm chip (XR2) and Intel oneAPI.

Visor XR Headset Release Date and Price

According to Immersed, the Vision XR headset will be released later in 2024; however, at the moment, anyone can preorder for $949.99. There’s an optional add-on to join a membership program offered by Immersed to its Visor headset owners. The membership program grants you access to a plethora of premium capabilities of the Visor XR gadget.

Visor XR has tagged the Apple Vision Pro killer because it offers 4K micro OLED per eye resolution along with other specs that rival what Apple offers, and still manages to be retailed below $1k, while the Apple Vision Pro sits at a speculated $3,500 starting price.

Visor XR Full Specs

Here are the official specifications of the Visor XR headset as released by the manufacturer – Immersed.

  • 4K micro OLED per eye (8k resolution combined)
  • 5+ Screens
  • 100-degree FOV
  • Hand & eye tracking
  • 6 Degrees of freedom
  • Ultra-widescreen
  • Offline Mode
  • HD Color Passthrough
  • Transition battery for temporary untethering (30min)

Visor XR: Design and Features Explained

The headset is not yet launched, no one has got to have an actual experience of how it feels or performs. However, looking at the officially released posts and videos from the manufacturer – Immersed – it is safe to speculate that this VR headset will challenge and possibly beat the Apple Vision Pro headset when they both launch later this year (2024).

Looking at the design, Visor XR looks more like sunglasses than a headset; it could take some persons a much closer look to realize that what you’re putting on is not a regular spectacle. Immersed hinted at including optional stems and strap inside the box.

4K micro OLED display for each eye is unimaginably exciting, the user will be fully submerged in the immersive world of VR. Also, the Visor XR is capable of opening up to five (5) virtual screens at once and can track both the wearer’s eyes and hands. Immersed Visor will support known operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you pre-order before the release, you’re also getting a custom IPD, nose-insert, and light-blocker along with the Visor XR 4k glasses. Well, don’t get it wrong, these are not AR glasses, neither are they smart glasses; it’s a pair of cutting-edge glasses stuffed with VR techs in the simplest way possible.

At the moment, Visor XR will run the Immersed VR app; it doesn’t have an operating system and there’s no app store to download from. But then, we could be seeing Immersed release some apps and games for Visor XR at a later time, or launch an app store with its next flagship. Immersed asserted that Visor XR is purpose-built, hence it comes with custom-fitting IPDs – unique to the wearer.

Immersed Visor XR vs Apple Vision Pro

Last year (2023) when Apple talked about its Vision Pro headset, all VR enthusiasts thought it’d be the 2024 flagship killer, but when Immersed shared details of its upcoming Visor XR, everyone started having a rethink – why would the Apple Vision Pro be sold at a tremendous amount and still not offer “more” and “better” features than Immersed’s Visor XR? Well, here’s how these VR headsets compare to each other.

Specs / Model Visor XR Vision Pro
Brand Immersed Apple
Device Type PC-powered Standalone
Platform (OS) Immersed VR VisionOS
Chipset Qualcomm XR2 Apple M2 Chip
Battery Type Not known 35.9Wh external tethered
Hand and Eye Tracking Supported Supported
Lenses Pancakes Pancakes
Ocularity Binoculars Binoculars
Display Micro-OLED Micro-OLED
Refresh Rate Not Known 90Hz
Resolution 4k per eye (there’s a 2.5k per eye variant) 3680 x 3140 per-eye
Price $999 $3,599
Availability Pre-Order Pre-Order


Looking at this table, it’s obvious the Visor XR challenges the Apple Vision Pro in many aspects and still manages to be more “affordable.” Sponsored test videos hint that the Visor XR has a longer battery life than Apple’s Vision Pro.


You will be saving more than $2k to buy Immersed’s Visor XR rather than the Vision Pro by Apple, and still get to enjoy premium features such as 4k resolutions per eye, custom-built IPDs, 100-degree ultra-wide FOV, hand and eye tracking, longer battery runtime, and a sleeker VR headset. But on the flipside, Visor XR doesn’t offer an app store to download VR games and apps. Would you go for the Visor XR or the Apple Vision Pro?

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