Apple Vision Pro Headset To Debut In Early 2024 With A Gradual Global Rollout

Apple’s highly anticipated “spatial computer,” the Vision Pro Headset, is on track for an early 2024 release, as confirmed during the recent Apple Event Livestream. This announcement was part of a series of releases that included the iPhone 15 series and new watches. The Apple Vision Pro Headset is slated to go on sale in the United States initially, with a starting price of $3,500. Subsequently, it will become available in other countries, although Apple has yet to disclose specific details about the international sale and distribution.

Apple Vision Pro Release date

It was previously reported that Apple intends to initiate a deliberate and controlled rollout of the Vision Pro. Initially, the headset will be exclusively sold through Apple Stores and Apple’s official website. This approach differs from Apple’s usual strategy, where its products are available through third-party retailers and stores.

This deliberate pace of Apple Vision Pro rollout may be attributed to reported challenges in mass production. The Vision Pro is believed to be one of the most intricate devices ever designed by Apple. Furthermore, there are constraints in the availability of the ultra-high resolution microdisplays from Sony, limiting production capacity to less than half a million units annually.

Looking ahead to 2024, Apple is considering the United Kingdom and Canada as potential first international markets for its Vision Pro. The company is also exploring opportunities to localise the device for markets in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China. However, there has yet to be a confirmation of this.

Also, Apple plans to create dedicated Vision Pro sections within its stores, complete with demonstrations and fitting tools for its prospective buyers. However, this section will only be available in selected locations, primarily in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

In a separate development, Apple announced in July that developers could apply for Vision Pro developer kits. Early testers of the Apple Vision Pro have expressed enthusiasm about the headset’s impressive display resolution, video passthrough capabilities, and gesture detection features. The success of the Vision Pro is likely to hinge on the strength of its app ecosystem upon launch, which will influence consumer adoption.

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