Apple Vision Pro Return Policy: 14-Day Window, In-Store Returns & More

Apple Vision Pro – just like other Apple products – is one of the trendy VR headsets of the moment, and it’s the most expensive too. The Vision Pro launched a few weeks ago and it got mouths wagging – there were a lot of people who bought this device to see why it was priced at $3,500.

Well, there have been good reviews from the early shoppers – the headset is a good one, but just too expensive for no particular “justifiable” reason. While the buzz is still on, one thing has got the attention of many VR enthusiasts – it appears many people are returning the Apple Vision Proc headset in just 2 weeks of its launch, what could be the reason and what is the Apple Vision Pro return policy?

Meet the Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset Priced Above 3 Grand

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial mixed-reality headset that supports gestures, voice commands, and eye movements. It is Apple’s first 3D camera for taking 3D spatial photos and videos; this headset comes with Apple’s VisionOS and launched with 600+ custom-built apps.

Apple Vision Pro Return Policy

Under the hood lies a couple of hard-core chipsets: an 8‑core CPU (4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores), a 16‑core Neural Engine, 16GB of unified memory, and an R1 GPU chip, and capable of offering up to 1TB storage capacity.

It doesn’t stop there, the Vision Pro integrates a suite of sensors and trackers, such as dual high‑res main cameras, 6 world‑facing tracking cameras, 4 eye‑tracking cameras, a LiDAR Scanner, 4 IMUs, a Flicker sensor, an ambient light sensor. Other noteworthy features include the encrypted Optic ID data accessible only to the Secure Enclave processor for improved data privacy.

The Apple Vision Pro is a standalone MR headset you can use while charging it; the battery lasts for roughly 2 hours after a full charge. It is a super-impressive VR headset, no doubt, but before you splash a whopping $3,500 for this, make sure you learn about the return policy, so you will know if you’re eligible to get a full refund things don’t go as you wish.

Apple Vision Pro Return Policy

Whether you’re a curious potential buyer thinking of what the return policy is like or you’re a user looking to return your unit, the Apple Vision Pro return policy is most effective and faster (for refunds) when you walk into an Apple store and make the return there, irrespective of whether you bought your unit online. Hereunder are the outlined return policy and procedure.

1. You Must Return the Headset in 14 Days

If you walk into an Apple Store to purchase your Apple Vision Pro headset, your eligibility for a return starts counting immediately after you pay. On the other hand, if you bought online, your eligibility starts counting from the day your package was delivered to you. You must return the headset within a 14-day window to get a refund.

2. Go With Purchase Documents To An Apple Store

Of course, you need to present the payment receipt and any other purchase document you got when buying the Vision Pro. These documents will help the Apple customer support representative validate your purchase faster and attend to what brought you to the store.

It is important to go to an Apple Store even if you bought online. Sending it back to the online store you bought it would only delay the process further. If you bought the Vision Pro with other accessories, include the accessories while returning the headset.

3. The Packaging Must be Intact, and the Device Shouldn’t Be Damaged

When taking the Vision Pro to an Apple Store, ensure that you put it back into the packaging it came in. If the Vision Pro is damaged on any side, you’ve missed out on the return policy – unless the defect was already there when you got the package delivered.

To be eligible for a refund, the product must be in its original condition, including all accessories and packaging. Yes, you may have torn the packaging while unboxing the MR headset, just go with the torn packaging. If you lost your physical receipt, you can contact Apple support and request for a receipt to be reissued to you.

4. Get Your Refund

When you present the above packages to the Apple Vision Pro support assistant, your package will be checked and validated, and you can get your refund right away – to the payment method you used when making the purchase.

How to Erase Vision Pro Data Before Return

If you need to erase your data from the Apple Vision Pro before returning it, here’s how to go about the process: Open the Settings app è Go to General è Transfer or Reset This Apple Vision Pro è Erase all of your data from Apple Vision Pro è confirm.

Note: This will erase all your data and settings on the Vision Pro headset.


Yes, you can return your Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and get a full refund if your return is deemed eligible after validation by an Apple customer support representative. However, you can only make a return within 14 days from the date you purchased the headset. The best way to get your return processed faster is to walk into an Apple Store physically with the purchase documents and complete packaging of the Vision Pro headset.


Can The Apple Vision Pro Be Returned Online?

If there’s no Apple Store in proximity to your home or state, you can return the headset online. To do this, go to the Apple website, open your Order Listing page, and select the return option. You can put a call through to Apple’s customer support team to have them assist you through the best means possible.

Can I Change An Apple Vision Pro Accessory?

If one of the accessories you bought with your Vision Pro doesn’t fit you properly, you can return it to any Apple Store close to you and ask an Apple customer support representative to help you set the accessory’s fitting. If the representative sets the adjustments and it still doesn’t fit, you will be given a new one that fits perfectly – provided the one you returned is in good condition and confirmed to be original. Go with the accessory’s receipt too, to make things easier.

What’s The Apple Vision Pro Warranty Policy?

Apple’s Limited Warranty covers the Apple Vision Pro and its accessories against manufacturing issues and faults. This warranty is eligible over a 12-month period – starting from the date you bought the product(s). However, warranty and replacements of the ZEISS Optical Inserts are not offered by Apple but by ZEISS directly.

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