Among Us VR Hits Playstation VR2

Are you the impostor? Or is it the person sitting opposite to you? You can’t see? Wait, now you can!

Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy have officially made an announcement regarding the Among Us VR version. Yes! It is available on PlayStation VR2 and can be purchased through the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

About Among Us VR

Innersloth first released Among Us in 2018. It received acclaim and became the favourite of people across the globe. The social deduction game changed the landscape and took the gaming world by storm. Now, the makers have come up with the virtual reality recreation of this beloved game. It has several new features with accessible and easy commands, making it a “not-so-hard” game for newcomers.

This three-dimensional experience provides a more immersive experience and improves the interactivity quotient. With features like voice chat and cross-platform compatibility, you can have a PARTY with your friends sitting on a PC or adorned with Quest.

Originality Is Intact With Some Add-Ons

Among US VR maintains the essence of the original game with a dash of spice of the exclusive features. The crew can range from 4 to 10 players set on a journey through intriguing maps like the Skeld II and Polus Point to complete the tax while being aware of the potential threat, the IMPOSTOR.

It is all the same: the crew has to complete a task with fear of the impostor sabotaging their efforts. This VR adaptation seamlessly integrates the original hallmarks of the game, like venting, emergency meetings, and tasks and sabotage. It is the same yet such a fresh experience.

Additionally, there are a lot of head gears to choose from. Players can select the headgear that matches their personality, from cool to cute to electric to hot- they have one for you all.

Top features of the Among Us VR

In-Voice Chat- With proximity voice chat, you can communicate with the crew (text chat is available, too)

Minigames: They have unique VR games along with the classics.

Comfort: You can adjust your gaming experience according to your preferences.

Cross-Platform compatibility: You can play with friends who use other VR gear or PCs.

Locomotion: You can choose between one-hand or dual locomotion.

Custom Lobby settings: You can choose lobby settings among the 18 options.

So gather your crew and indulge in this immersive experience of deception and camaraderie.

Bob Dilon
Bob Dilon
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